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Meet Jess, the vibrant spirit leading Occasion Queens, who’s redefining the essence of a wedding coordinator London. This is not just a a fancy name for a wedding planner; there is much more than just planning in here! Nestled in Buckinghamshire with her delightful family, Jess has woven her life’s tapestry from corporate precision to the heartfelt warmth of the wedding industry. Her leap of faith into the world of weddings was driven by a passion for genuine happiness and the allure of making dreams come true.

Imagine planning the most significant day of your life in the lively expanse of the UK’s capital, where every detail reflects your heart’s desires. This is where Jess shines, not just as a London wedding coordinator but as a guardian of your peace of mind. She doesn’t just plan; she coordinates, ensuring that every element of your special day harmonizes perfectly with your vision. Whether it’s a cozy celebration in a hidden nook or a grandiose gala in a luxurious hotel, Jess’s role transcends the traditional wedding coordinator London. She’s the maestro of your wedding day orchestra, making sure every note is played to perfection.

Occasion Queens stands as a beacon of innovation in wedding coordination, born from the vision in 2016 as the UK’s first company dedicated to On The Day Coordination. With Jess and her team, you’re not just getting event organizers; you’re embracing a partnership with a group that views your happiness as their success. They’ve been the silent force behind over 300 couples, seamlessly weaving together the myriad threads of their wedding days into a masterpiece of memories.

Beyond her professional prowess, Jess is all about balance — a tea enthusiast with a penchant for chocolate, a runner, and a CrossFit fan who now finds joy in the lively challenges of motherhood. This personal touch is what makes Jess not just a coordinator but a friend who’s with you every step of the way.
For those in search of more than a wedding coordinator London, Jess represents the next level of service. She and Occasion Queens don’t just plan your day; they breathe life into it, ensuring that every moment is imbued with your essence and story. With a promise of attention to detail, stylish execution, and a cool, easy-going process, they’re ready to transform your wedding into an event that’s not only celebrated but cherished forever.
wedding Coordinator London
1. How did Occasion Queens come to be, and what inspired you to start your journey as a wedding planner London
Occasion Queens started because there is a huge need for wedding coordinators. Many couples love planning their own wedding, they will probably (hopefully) only get to do this once and many brides and grooms know exactly what they want on the day and want to plan it together. But when it comes to the day itself, the last thing a couple want to be doing the morning of their wedding is running around like headless chickens putting out all the décor, signage, making sure the suppliers have arrived etc… so that’s where we come in!

We work with couples who want to plan their own wedding but need a little helping hand along the way and, of course, on the day it; self to make sure that everything they have planned happens exactly as they would like it to!

I planned my wedding myself and it was truly the best day of my life, however there were some things on the day that didn’t quite go to plan. The schedule went out the window, we forgot to give out our favours and I was feeling very rushed in the morning and didn’t get any pictures of me in my wedding dress with my bridesmaids before the ceremony. At the time, I didn’t know about independent wedding coordinators and it wasn’t something I had thought of. I had a venue coordinator that came with my wedding venue so I thought that was enough. And, don’t get me wrong, my venue coordinator was amazing and she helped make the day so special. However she wasn’t there at the church and didn’t have all the details of the day as I’d kept most of it in my head!
If I was planning my wedding again now one of the first suppliers I book would be an experienced wedding coordinator, and that’s one of the reasons why I am so passionate about what I do!
2. What sets your wedding coordination services apart from others in the industry?
At Occasion Queens we are wedding coordinators, not planners! Sometimes the words planner and coordinator get grouped together but they are actually very different suppliers. A wedding planner will plan your wedding for you, they will find your suppliers, keep communication with them and cover all the admin throughout the whole wedding planning journey. This is perfect for someone who wants to hand everything over and have a professional plan their wedding.

What we do is different and there aren’t many companies out there who solely specialise in wedding coordination – that’s all we do! It’s not a side part of our business, it IS our business. This sets us apart from others in the industry.
We allow couples to remain in full control of their day, whilst offering our expert advice and ensuring everything runs smoothly for them.
wedding Coordinator London
wedding Coordinator London

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3. How do you tailor wedding coordination to fit each couple’s unique vision?

The nature of what we do means we work on a high volume of weddings, this means we work on so many different types of weddings from barns to 5 star London hotels, manor houses, church weddings, fusion weddings, big weddings, intimate weddings, tipi weddings… the list goes on. Our experience in so many varied weddings means we can work with couple’s unique visions, we love when couples want to do things out of the box or break tradition.
4. What’s your most memorable wedding coordination experience, and what made it stand out?
I can’t pick a favourite wedding! It’s like asking a parent to pick a favourite child haha! There have been some really special ones. Some of my favourite weddings are when the couple have chosen everything around their personality, they’ve done everything unapologetically them and it really shows on the day. The best weddings are when the couple are truly enjoying their day, every guest sees how happy they are and vibes off them.
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wedding Coordinator London

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5. How do you handle unexpected challenges that arise during the wedding coordination process?
Being a wedding coordinator London means that we have to be experts in problem solving and thinking on our feet. We always have meetings with couples leading up to the wedding so that they can hand everything over to us. However there are always times where something has been missed or added at a later date. Also, weddings don’t always go 100% to plan and things do happen.
Last year we’ve had torrential rain at outdoor weddings, suppliers not turning up, power cuts, groom’s shoes breaking right before the ceremony, cakes falling over, the wedding car going to the wrong venue, wedding crashers.. and there’s lots more!
None of these ruined or even affected the weddings though. As soon as we see a problem might be arising we act on it as soon as possible to find a solution for the couple, often they don’t even know there’s been a problem as we fix it before it happens.
It’s so important to have a team of wedding coordinators there to nip and issues in the bud to ensure that you as a couple can enjoy the day.
6. In your opinion, what are the top trends in wedding coordination for 2024/2025?
I try not to follow ‘trends’ too much as most of the couples we work with want to have weddings that will look great in years to come. There are some patterns that we are seeing more and more of though that I love. For example, I’m seeing more couples having no first dance or having the first dance as a high energy song where all the guests join in. If a couple are feeling super nervous about doing a first dance in front of everyone then I don’t think they should be pressured to do it just because it’s tradition. I love it when couple break tradition so that they can fully enjoy their day.
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Occasion Queens – wedding Coordinator London

7. What advice would you give to couples who are just starting their wedding coordination journey?
Hire a wedding coordinator… just kidding (but also not).
Biggest piece of advice – do it your way. Don’t follow trends, traditions or what your mum says you should do. Do everything in your power to have the day that will make you truly enjoy every moment.
8. How does working with a wedding coordinator simplify the process for couples?
Working with a wedding planner significantly simplifies the wedding planning process for couples. When putting together the timeline, speaking with an expert means that couples don’t have to fret about how long things might last. Your wedding planner knows how long your drinks reception should be, how long it takes to move guests and how long you need for the cake cutting (not as long as you think!).
Not only will your wedding coordinator simplify the logistics for you, they will also recommend and source incredible suppliers for your day that suit your unique style, budget and location. This saves hours of time for couples as they don’t need to search the whole internet searching for suppliers, reading reviews and stalking instagram accounts. your planner will find the best suppliers for you and your wedding. 

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9. What should couples consider when choosing a wedding coordinator London?
Choosing your wedding coordinator is a very personal thing. This person will be with you along your planning journey and alongside you on the biggest day of your life. You have to connect with them and feel relaxed in their presence.

It’s really important to chat with your coordinator before you book them. Get to know them, find out what their personality is like and see if you click.

It’s also super important to understand how experienced they are and if you feel confident in handing over your wedding to them on the day.
10. Can you share a tip for couples to stay stress-free during their wedding coordination?
Don’t sweat the small stuff. Honestly, gusts will not be leaving your wedding talking about the napkin fold. Guests remember how they felt on the day, if the food was good and what the atmosphere was like. Don’t worry about making things look ‘Instagrammable’ or perfect. It’s not about that. It’s about bringing your favourite people in the whole world all together for one day to celebrate your love.
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As we wrap up our journey through the heart and soul of Occasion Queens, it’s clear that Jess isn’t just a wedding coordinator London; she’s a dream weaver, a stress reliever, and, most importantly, a friend to every couple she works with. Her dedication to transforming wedding dreams into reality, coupled with her personal touch and attention to detail, sets her and her team apart in the bustling city’s wedding scene.

For those on the lookout for not just a wedding coordinator but a true partner in the journey to their big day, Jess and Occasion Queens emerge as the beacon of hope and excellence. With over 300 weddings under their belt, each a testament to their commitment to making each celebration unique and unforgettable, they stand ready to bring your vision to life.

Whether you’re dreaming of an intimate affair or a grand celebration, remember that with Jess and her team, your wedding is in the hands of someone who cares deeply about making it as special and stress-free as possible. After all, it’s not just about coordinating the details; it’s about creating a day that reflects the love, joy, and unity of two souls embarking on a lifetime journey together.

Thank you for joining us in discovering the passion and dedication behind Occasion Queens, your go-to wedding coordinator London. Here’s to celebrating love, in all its forms, with elegance, style, and a personal touch that only Jess can bring.