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London Wedding Venue

Hey everyone! Today, I’m excited to introduce you to one of the most luxurious London wedding venue—Grove House Roehampton. Joining me is Lucy, a remarkable person who has an insider’s perspective on what makes this venue truly exceptional. Picture exchanging vows in a setting where historic charm meets modern sophistication, surrounded by beautifully manicured gardens and elegant architecture.

Grove House isn’t just any wedding venue in London; it’s a place where timeless elegance and modern amenities create the perfect backdrop for your special day. Whether you’re planning a grand celebration or a more intimate gathering, this venue offers unparalleled beauty and versatility. Lucy is here to share all the details that make Grove House Roehampton a top choice for discerning couples looking to say ‘I do’ in style. So, let’s dive in and discover what makes this London wedding venue the perfect setting for your unforgettable day.
London wedding Venue
London wedding Venue
1. What’s the story behind your venue, and what inspired its design?
Situated close to Putney and Richmond Park. Grove House offers every couple exclusive use of the venue. With a variety of suppliers, we have a team of specialists who can work with couples to style and transform this London wedding venue to their own taste and vision.
From 1622 until circa 1790 Roehampton Great House stood on the site of Grove House and was the second largest house in Surrey. Between 1779 and 1793 the Great House was demolished and Grove House, designed by James Wyatt, was re-built. In 1921 Dr Claude Montefiore bought Grove House on behalf of the Froebel Educational Institute for Froebel College. Grove House is now part of the University of Roehampton.
2. How does your venue cater to different wedding sizes and styles?
Grove House has 3 distinct spaces that couples can use on their wedding day depending on the size of their wedding party making it a versatile London wedding venue suitable for weddings as small as 20 guests up to 150 guests.
The Portrait Room is a wonderful setting to bring friends and family together to witness a marriage, licensed for up to 150 guests. The floor to ceiling glass windows and period features provide a bright and spacious setting to say ‘I do’. However, for more intimate ceremonies our lovely Terrace and Adam room can accommodate up to 50 guests. If couples prefer to be closer to nature our lawned gardens offer the perfect setting.
London wedding Venue
London wedding Venue

Wedding at Grove House the best London wedding venue

3. What unique features does your venue offer that can’t be found elsewhere?
The property itself offers elegant Georgian and Victorian interiors for both civil ceremonies and receptions with many of the original features remaining, adding to the venue’s unique charm. Our extensive lawns and rose gardens are the perfect setting for welcome drinks and with four acres of grounds this makes for a pretty unique feature in a London wedding venue. Grove House also has some television history magic having been the backdrop for a number of feature films and prime time BBC programmes over the years!

4. How do you work with couples to bring their wedding vision to life?

We love to work closely with our couples to help bring their dream wedding day to life. We provide one to one viewings of the venue when couples first enquire with us. After confirming their wedding date, we ensure we keep a close working relationship with each couple leading up to their big day. Each year we hold open day events where we invite our confirmed couples along allowing them time to get to know our team and our suppliers. Around 8 weeks before their wedding we invite the couple for a final meeting at Grove House. This allows them a chance to see the venue once more, to meet their on the day wedding coordinator and to talk through the finer details of their day.
London wedding Venue
London wedding Venue

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5. Can you tell me about a particularly unique or themed wedding that was held at your venue?
Every wedding we hold at Grove House is unique to the couple however we personally love to see weddings full of bright vivid colours and also love to see seasonal florals in use.
6. How does your venue adapt to different weather conditions to ensure a perfect wedding day?
We have gorgeous, extensive grounds that our couples can use, providing a picturesque backdrop for your outdoor ceremony or reception. However, if the weather isn’t quite working in our favor, we are fortunate to have spacious, elegant rooms within the house that guests can utilize for their wedding day. These indoor spaces are not only versatile but also offer some fantastic locations for photographs. The grand interiors, with their historic charm and refined décor, ensure that your wedding remains stunning and memorable, regardless of the weather. From beautifully adorned halls to cozy, intimate nooks, Grove House Roehampton offers a wealth of beautiful settings that guarantee your special day is perfect in every way.
London wedding Venue
London wedding Venue

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7. How does your venue contribute to making a wedding day stress-free for couples?
Our in-house events team will be on hand from 10 am the day of your wedding, liaising with all the suppliers and overseeing all aspects of the setup. We take great pride in knowing that when you arrive at the venue, everything will have been perfectly arranged so you can sit back and enjoy the day with not a care in the world. From the floral arrangements to the seating plan, we give attention to every detail.

Our team will be on site the entire event; from the time the first guest enters until the last leaves. We manage your wedding in every sense of the word, making sure nothing or no one is left behind. You become part of the party; we are backstage executing. That way, you will just get to create great memories with your friends and family without a worry in the world.
8. What are some of the hidden gems or less-known spots at your venue that couples love?
We are fortunate at Grove House in having assorted beautiful and very distinctive backdrops, both inside and outside the house and its gardens along with their grounds. On your special day, outside, our grounds have an 18th-century Sham Bridge to create that pinch of romance in a couple’s portrait. Imagine it: your love story in these timeless settings, with that all-important sparkle of charm that can only emanate from this lovely, original ancient structure; a touch of classic romance in your pictures.

Abundantly adding to all this is our great octagonal wellhead—just ideal to make a big statement with a floral display. This ornament could maximize the prettiness of your special day with seasonal blooms, making a stunning centerpiece for their setting. The distinctive structure and historical appeal of the wellhead serve as a picturesque and memorable backdrop for the wedding, which will definitely be a sight for all your guests and truly make your wedding photos completely magnificent.

This combination gives our couples opportunity to experience their wedding fullest in our London wedding venue.
London wedding Venue
London wedding Venue

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9. What are the most frequently overlooked aspects by couples when choosing a London wedding venue?
We do think most couples we meet are very organised and prepared for the wedding planning process and have considered most aspects of their day however some of our top things to not overlook are:
Capacity – couples need to have a clear idea of their guest list prior to searching for a venue – as depending on their guestlist this will eliminate certain venues immediately and streamline their search process.
Location – the location of a wedding venue is so important – before falling in love with a venue couples need to be realistic about guest logistics – how will guests reach their chosen venue and where will they stay? We are lucky at Grove House to be close to both central London and have great transport links to Heathrow for guests travelling further afield. 
Budget – Gathering as many quotes as possible is really important before securing a venue for couples to ensure they can realise their dream day – there are sometimes forgot costs that need to be considered.  
10. What should couples know about planning their wedding at your venue that they might not consider initially?
We have recently launched an Instagram series to help couples plan their wedding by checking off key items in the planning process as they countdown to their wedding, we want to ensure our couples are supported as best as possible throughout the process of planning their big day.
So, as we wrap up our conversation here with Lucy, it becomes quite clear that Grove House Roehampton is indeed superb London wedding venue. Grove House offers majestic historical features, indoor and outdoor spaces, and a dedicated events team.

Many thanks to Lucy for sharing her insights into what really makes their venue so special. If grandeur means timeless elegance to you, with all the little luxuries of modern life, look no further than Grove House Roehampton. This just might begin the rest of your lives in happiness.

More information, and how Grove House can truly realise your wedding day dreams, can be found on their website. Here you may contact their great team. Here’s to creating beautiful memories at one of the finest London wedding venue!