Not so serious wedding at Wyresdale Park as you imagine

Wedding at Wyresdale Park

I’ve been asked multiple times do I travel further if my couple decides to not get married in London. The answer is simply “YES”! I think this is one of the most fun parts of my job, that I can explore and discover new grounds, all thanks to my couples. This time I had a chance to travel all the way up the north of England to small-town Scorton where Wyresdale Park wedding venue is placed. Enjoy that wedding photography at Wyresdale Park

Hannah and Jak decided to have their wedding in November and despite the fact of how the weather could be that time of the year, the day went epic! So much energy and great vibes straight from the preparation of the bride until the last minutes on the dancefloor were just over the top. I literally been waiting for this wedding so badly since the engagement photoshoot which we shoot in the summer. You ask why? Well, Hannah and Jak got this kind of personality which makes us click straight on the first moment we meet, and we also meet a year ago at their friend’s wedding in Captain’s wood barn.

Regardless of the weather, Hannah decides to go with an open-back, sleeveless wedding dress and a beautiful long veil that complete the entire look. With stunning flowers from Milly Davey Flowers, she looks like an absolute angel which Jak confirmed when he drops some tears while Hannah was walking down the alley.

Wedding photography at Wyresdale Park

The wedding at Wyresdale Park was one of a kind. Obviously, the couple and guests create a great atmosphere but the ceremony room by itself is simply stunning. Rustical/Vintage barn style which suits perfectly for later-on-night fun. Even a fireplace in the middle of it gives the amazing sound of fire crackling and warms up the whole room, I personally did not feel it is autumn at all.

Every couple stresses their wedding even a bit, but after the ceremony, all of it just goes away and the wedding couple can finally enjoy the day. As always I took my wedding couple for a quick photoshoot around the venue to capture them in their outstanding outfits. Wedding photos in Wyresdale Park just went perfectly, the surrounding area and architecture of the place are just astonishing and give such a lot of possibilities. However, one place in the whole venue was just made for an EPIC group shot. Hannah told me about it a while ago and I have to say that this is one of the best photos I took in my whole career. It is the photo of the wedding party in one of the rooms all looking dapper, sophisticated and cool as F… ! I love it!

As I already mentioned the wedding took place in November, however energy from all the people heats up the atmosphere and creates great superb vibes which follow through all day. Smiles, shouts, a bit of alcohol, beautiful bride and groom and you got yourself to plan for a perfect wedding. And just before the first dance wedding couple decides to have sparklers which I personally love to shoot at the wedding. Those small sparkling sticks got some sort of magic which makes all people who have them, smile and feel like kids again.

Finally, the time comes to hit the dance floor and use all the energy gathered over the day and show some moves, and believe me in one moment I thought that there is some small earthquake, turned out it was guests jumping all over the place! The wedding at Wyresdale park was a great finish to the 2019 season for me and I will never forget it. Thank you, Hannah and Jak!

I am sure you would love to see more of Hannah and Jak, I highly recommend checking when I was their wedding photographer Manchester on a fantastic engagement photoshoot!

Rustic Barn Wedding

If you are planning to have your wedding at Wyresdale park and want to have amazing wedding photography at Wyresdale Park do not hesitate and contact me, the best dates go quickly. I am already taking bookings for 2021 and got still some dates left for 2020. Simply contact me and lets me show you how epic your wedding at Wyresdale park will be!

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