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Wedding photography London

Today’s blog is a definition of the highest quality of wedding photography in London. I’m just wondering why I did not post it earlier. That was another time I helped my good friend Voyteck, thanks to him I could be part of that amazing day.

I have repeated this many times, but again I will repeat again. The weather is not a sign of a fantastic wedding. It’s the people who write the stories, bride and groom, their guests, the emotions that accompany them. The usual stress during the preparation of that day was not evident in any form. The groom together with the ushers in peace and good humor… dispersed crossword. Incredibly comfortable was that the ceremony took place in the same hotel where the wedding pair was preparing. The decor hall, filled with guests together with the groom, was waiting for the entrance of the most important woman of the day. And there she was, full of love and happiness.

After the ceremony, the hotel was so kind that they let us into a beautiful room where we could do a quick wedding session. I have to admit that despite the sun appear that December afternoon, the wedding couple was superbly brave, and decide to do group photos outside. Still, I am thankful for them because the light was simply stunning.

To facilitate transport for everyone to the reception, the bride and groom hired classic English red buses. Thanks to that they all came to the spot at the same time and the real party could start. From a posh hotel to a British pub made in an old brewery in London, the combination of those places made this last wedding in 2016 one of the most amazing weddings I attend.

The reception was decorated in DIY style, beer bottles with various twigs, wooden pallet with evening plan, chalked blackboard with names, telling who is the most important that night. There is even a custom beer coaster which, apart from professional wedding photography, is today a fantastic souvenir of the day.

After the speeches guests unleash their power on the dance floor. In the sound of the most diverse music that was served by a talented DJ even the groom returned to his youthful hobby like breakdance. Neon lights, loud music, and cheers of joy lasted long after we left the party. A fantastic finish of 2016!

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