Why wedding photographer London is so expensive

On average a wedding can cost upwards of £40, 000. So, when spending, what feels like life savings, on what feels like a huge party, it’s reasonable to look for ways to cut back; and it’s reasonable to question whether a wedding photographer is the one aspect of your day you don’t really need. The hundreds of pounds you spend on someone who you think turning up, saying “big smiles” as they click a few buttons, load them onto a computer and send them back in a fancy album or on a USB. However, the reality of the situation is a bit different, the pressure of taking photos on your big day combined with the pressure of telling your story is really what wedding photography is about.


The most important aspect of what I do is knowledge and experience. I started taking photos as a kid about 12 years ago. I spent hours every day taking pictures, editing pictures, reading and studying photography. As a wedding photographer I trained myself to develop a keen eye for the perfect photograph “moment”, be it weddings, architecture, food, people or landscapes. As a photographer I am still learning and aspiring to be better attending courses and shadowing other photographers to develop my knowledge and understanding. Professional wedding photographers will not guide you around your day they will spot the perfect opportunities and be on top of your day and know what to shoot and how to tell the perfect version of your wedding day in photographs. He will be prepared for the best and worst of situations, and adapt to how, if and when your day needs.


Wedding photographers do what they do out of passion and love for both what we do but also because we are storytellers and I want to tell your story. The marketing, SEO, website designing and social media advertising is not free. The phrase “Wedding Photographer London” in Google costs about £4 a click. So about 100 clicks a day totals about £12000 a month. While this seems great the equipment, the effort, the hours we put into perfecting your photos afterward and the dedication to your wedding day is all factors to consider.


For wedding photographer London having the perfect equipment is as essential as a surgeon having the correct tools. You can check all the prices online but here’s a breakdown of the typical photographers bag. Two full frame cameras, four different high-end prime lenses, two flashes, four genuine batteries, ten professional memory cards, flash receivers and transmitters, a harness and obviously this all has to go into a bag. This is the most simple equipment needed to deliver professional results, but obviously this all doesn’t last forever.


When deciding whether you need to pay for a professional photographer you need to firstly ask yourself, how would you like to remember your wedding day? Would you like to remember it though photos taken by friends on their phone and plastered all over social media? Or would you rather something more intimate, professional, like stills from the movie of your day. If you hire a wedding photographer at £1300 and break it down by monthly advertising, equipment, insurance, and divided by the hours spent editing it looks like just a regular job. I’m not complaining about it, I love my job, meeting unique people, all with different stories, different weddings and wanting different results. Next time someone offers you £300 for taking photos at your wedding or event, just think to yourself, what results will I get? And more importantly, will they tell my story perfectly?

If you would like to know more and learn about my point of view on your wedding day have a look here where you find all information about me and my work. I am taking bookings now for 2017 , so if you are looking for a wedding photographer in London do not hesitate and contact me, best dates go quickly.