Why wedding photographer is so expensive?

Why I cost arm and leg?

So, weddings, right? They can easily nudge over the £30,000 mark. That’s a lot of cash, almost like you’re blowing a small fortune on one epic party. Naturally, you’d start thinking about where you could maybe save a bit of dosh. And then you wonder, “Do I really need a wedding photographer?” I mean, it might feel a bit much to fork out a load of quid on someone just to snap a few pics, saying “smile” here and there, then pop everything onto a computer, whack it in a fancy album or on a USB stick.

But, here’s the thing, it’s not just about taking pictures. The true magic of wedding photography is capturing the essence of your big day, all those moments and the story that unfolds. It’s about handling the stress of making sure every important moment is caught on camera, without missing a beat. That’s what you’re really signing up for.


The heart of what I do? It’s all about the know-how and years of getting my hands dirty with photography. Kicked off as a wee one taking snaps around 1999. I’d spend every spare moment I had with a camera in my hands, messing around with edits, diving into photography books and articles. As I carved my path into wedding photography, it was all about tuning my eyes to catch those perfect, fleeting moments. Whether it’s catching the light just right at a wedding, framing a stunning piece of architecture, making food look mouthwatering, or capturing the essence of a person or a sweeping landscape, it’s been a journey.

I’m not one to sit back and say, “That’s enough learning for me.” Nope, I’m always hitting the books, tagging along with other photographers, and jumping into courses to sharpen my skills even more. Here’s the deal with pro wedding photographers: we’re not there to herd you around. We’re like ninjas, spotting those prime photo ops, steering clear of the clichés, and nailing the shots that tell your wedding story the way it deserves to be told. Rain or shine, whatever the day throws at us, we’re there, ready to capture your moments in a way that feels right to you.


So, here’s the deal with us wedding photographers – it’s all about the passion. We absolutely love what we do, and at the heart of it, we’re storytellers itching to tell your unique story. Now, diving into the not-so-glam side of things, like marketing, SEO, crafting our websites, and getting the word out on social media, well, that stuff ain’t cheap. Take a simple search like “Wedding photography Buckinghamshire” on Google – that’s gonna cost around £4 every time someone clicks. Rack that up to about 100 clicks daily, and you’re looking at a whopping £12,000 a month. Without advertising we are limited to not so “fun” anymore social media, which also cut our reach, just to push us for paid advertisement.

Sounds crazy, right? But here’s the thing: beyond the clicks and the bills, there’s the gear we tote around, the hours we pour into making your photos just perfect, and our whole-hearted commitment to your big day. All these pieces of the puzzle are what we juggle to bring you those moments captured in time.


For anyone diving into wedding photography, having the right gear is pretty much like a surgeon needing their scalpel – it’s non-negotiable. You could have a look online to see what all this stuff costs, but let me break it down for you, simple and straight. Picture this: in a photographer’s bag, you’ve got two full-frame cameras, not one but four top-notch prime lenses, a couple of flashes, four real-deal batteries, a stack of ten pro memory cards, the whole flash receiver and transmitter set-up, and a harness to keep everything in check. And yeah, all this kit needs a home, so a sturdy bag is a must. This might sound like the basic starter pack, but trust me, it’s the essentials you need to churn out those pro-level snaps. And just like anything else, this gear doesn’t last a lifetime. Those are the items which make our photos so crisp. Let’s mention an ongoing subscription for editing software, cloud backup, online galleries for couples… Those are all things which benefits wedding couples.


So, you’re mulling over whether to shell out for a pro photographer for your big day. Here’s a question to kick things off: How do you want to remember your wedding? Through a mishmash of phone snaps floating around social media? Or are you leaning towards something a bit more polished, like freeze-frames from the epic movie that is your wedding day?

Now, if you’re eyeing up a wedding photographer charging around £1500-£2000, and you start breaking that down—factoring in their monthly spend on ads, gear, insurance, and the time they dedicate to editing—it kinda starts to look like any other job. Also I belive you would like your photographer to put an effor and focus to make sure your wedding photos are the as you dream about. Being able to spend time to nurture our couples, bond together, have a one-on-one consultation is something what you get from professional wedding photographer. This all consume time which we all have the same amount. And hey, I’m not grumbling here. For me, it’s all about the love of the gig. Getting to meet all sorts of folks, each with their own vibe, their own unique celebration, and their own vision of what they want their day to look like, that’s the gold.

But when someone throws a figure like £500 your way for snapping photos at your wedding or any event, it’s worth taking a beat to think: What kind of results are we talking about? And even more crucial—will they capture my story the way I want it to be told? Or the worst of the worsts… Will that photographer think twice to book other wedding while offering extra £200… I’ve seen that, hope no one will ever face it.

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