Why you should get yourself a wedding album?

Premium wedding album

You all know me as a fun and relaxed wedding photographer who would do everything to make sure that your wedding photos are exceptional. There is a reason behind that… Preserving memories of your most precious moments. I really do believe in that. Time flies, we all know about it, and being able to experience your wedding day one more time would be a remarkable thing to do. In some way, wedding photos give you a chance for that. They are personal to you and they will take you back in time to those beautiful memories.

Let me introduce you to the latest addition to Miracle-Moments. Premium and high-quality wedding albums, which let you relive your most precious day every time you open it. Fully customizable and personally designed for you, there is no better way to preserve wedding memories.

Wedding album

Personalized wedding album

Every wedding is different, that’s why also there should not be two of the same albums. In Miracle-Moments, every album is designed individually. From the cover color up to the design. Unlike the digital folder which can be copied and replaced, a wedding album is a tangible representation of the wedding couple’s uniqueness. Imagine that a wedding couple is the final product of your wedding day. Not just photos, but something that sums up all the preparation, fun, and specialty. A wedding album should not be just random photos, these should be chosen and set in a story. Just like any book you read in your life, it got the beginning and the end. When you take it in your hand or even when you see it on your shelf it should represent you.

Wedding album is your timeless reminder

The digital era is all here, we got streaming services for music and videos, we can listen to books written way back in time, we can watch movies from our childhood and obviously, we can keep all our precious photos in our pockets. But let’s be real, how often do we do that? How often really we do that? When was the last time you open your folder with 2137 photos from Christmas 2005? When was the last time you watch through all the photos you took for those years? We all got different answers but the most common would be, “I don’t know, a while ago”. And even if we sometimes scroll them through and that’s it… But let me ask you something else. Do you remember how you felt last time going through the physical photo album? The feeling you had visiting your parents or grandparents and going through every page, focusing on each photo, talking about them, laughing, or maybe getting emotional. This is the true meaning of photography, to take us back in time and give us one more chance to experience all those amazing moments and the wedding album is a timeless keepsake of them.

High-quality materials

At Miracle-Moments quality is everything, from the first initial conversation, customer service, and obviously, the photos supplied to you I want you to know that you are getting the best of the best, no compromises. That’s why I don’t trust cheap products. I am the type of person who rather spends a bit more extra but gets something that I will appreciate and have for a long time, rather than buy it over and over. Paper in a wedding album is one of the most important parts. That’s why I go through the different types of it and find out that the best ones for my couples:

Fuji Silk
Fuji Crystal Archive Digital Paper DPII Silk paper is a half-matte paper with a texture resembling that of a fine honeycomb. Very resistant to fingerprints and scratches. Rich colour reproduction. Fuji Silk paper gives your images a soft look, contrastingly to the sharpness provided in glossy papers.


Canon Deep Matte
Canon Deep Matte paper has a very matte finish with an almost velvety feel. It gives off that professional, artistic finish – especially for skin tones, blacks and whites, and delicate shoots. Its fine-art finish provides a media to show-off realistic colors and rich contrast. Absorbs light very well.

  • features a smooth, glossless almost velvet to the feel texture
  • this fine-art paper accentuates vivid shades, contrasting colors and skin tones
  • high-quality images produced on the state-of-the-art Dreamlabo 5000 printer
  • gives off a professional, artistic feel

Design and materials of wedding album

Every single album is prepared by myself, which means the person who set the first layout is someone who was a part of your day. This gives you the security that your storytelling wedding album wont be just a random photo added by the software. At this stage, I prepare for you a unique layout of your wedding story and choose the photos which after the consultation we will be able to adjust. This way you got control over the final look of your timeless wedding album. Generally, couples decide to go for 30 spreads which can contain roughly 100-150 photos. I think it is the perfect size that allows you to focus on all the splendid moments or go through them just to get a bit of those emotions back.

But what would be an album without a cover… This is the first thing you see and it is important to decide on a color and material you want to use for it. My favorites are simple textiles perfect for everyone looking for an aesthetically pleasing, durable linen product that is soft to the touch. You can also decide on a leatherettes finish which is made from synthetic materials, proud to say that these are vegan-friendly. Truly the best choice for those looking for the look and feel of real leather. The last ones are Velvet materials, fit for royals. These textiles are soft, long-haired textiles that appear to change colors when they are brushed against the grain. And Suede materials are The definition of luxury. These are characterized by their short hair and are available in a variety of stunning colors.

Lasting investment

Investing in a professionally crafted wedding album goes beyond the immediate satisfaction of reliving your wedding day. It holds long-term value that extends far into the future, capturing the essence of your love story for generations to come. When you decide for a professional wedding album you are investing in lifetime gift for yourself. Who knows what will happens with digial files in 10 or 20 years? I know one thing, a photos of the past generations in my grandparents photo album are still there.

The feelings, pleasure, and love that were felt on your big day are tangible in a wedding photo album, which is more than just a collection of pictures. When you flip through a beautifully made album, it brings back vivid memories and lets you relive those special times. In a way that digital photographs just cannot duplicate, the book turns into a memento of nostalgia, reuniting you with the feelings and memories of your wedding day.

Wedding photo albums provide an elegant way of expressing your love story. They can be prominently displayed in your home, serving as a conversation starter and a reminder of your dedication. Family and friends can participate in your special day even if they weren’t physically present by sharing the album with them. A real album encourages guests to interact with, touch, and become fully immersed in the beauty of your wedding memories, in contrast to digital photographs that are frequently kept on devices or cloud platforms.

Should you get yourself a wedding album

YES! If you value your memories and want to experience another level of your wedding photos, then getting yourself an album is another step. This could be not only a great reminder for you two but a wedding album is a great gift for parents. Showing appreciation of all their hard work they put trough all the years. I can guarantee you that they will be happy with such a tremendous gift. This is something which you and them will cherish for the upcoming years.

How this sounds? Ready to preserve your memories or gift loved onse with them?

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