Where save money on a wedding?

Where to save money on a wedding

Hi there! January is a very busy time for all couples when it comes to planning a wedding. It is not a big secret that weddings are expensive so for those of you who starting just now all preparation here you got a couple of free tips from my point of view,  where you can cut some expenses.

Continuing from the part one we are looking at what areas prior to, on the day, and after your wonderful wedding day. These are only suggestions and possibilities and where possible we have tried to include an example. Let’s take a look at what’s next on the budget agenda:

The invitations

Wedding invitations are an opportunity to give a sneak peek into the theme and general feel of the wedding celebration to come. Some break into three to six-page supplements with leaflet-like information on hotels, the venue, and the food. The most important information is the dates, times, and venue addresses (and obviously your names). To save money here you could use your own printer and choose a simple yet sophisticated font to display the information but choose thick and expensive feeling paper. You could then, if you’d like, adorn the printed product with lace or ribbon. If you, your partner, or someone you know is familiar with a graphic design or editing based software such as Photoshop, you can download custom “brushes” to add visual flair to the invitations before printing them. For a touch of decadence without the cost, invest in a wax seal stamp with the first letter of your surname (or soon to be surname) and metallic sealing wax to close and finish the invitation envelopes.

The flowers

This is a tough one and could potentially require a bit of space and elbow grease. If you browse some wedding forums you may be able to find someone selling or renting dried flowers (these would be particularly nice for an autumn themed wedding should you choose to have your ceremony out of peak season – see the top of this article). If not, and if you prepare in advance, you could purchase bundles of dried flowers online and make your own arrangements using plenty of cheaper grassy type foliage. You could wash out, and wash labels off used jars and dress them up with some glossy ribbon to save further. You could then sell your dried flowers on one of the wedding forums to make back the money spent!

The music

If you plan on hiring a DJ you could save a lot of money by simply arranging a playlist to be played from an iPod or mp3 player. As long as you stick to an order based on how you want the mood to begin and change on the day you can be in charge of your own music and actually have more control. Most venues have speakers that a DJ would hook his/her equipment up to so you can just plug the cable into the headphone jack of your music player or use a simple adapter for the right size. Just be sure to check what is available when you are first viewing your venues.

The dress

Rather than paying full whack for a custom made or brand name wedding dress, consider renting a wedding gown for a fraction of the price or even possibly choosing a dress from the sale end; many wedding dresses are timeless but the reason why dresses end up in the sale is because fashion trends are classified into seasons and once the season is over they are reduced in price to make room for the new rotation of stock– unless explicitly stated there is nothing wrong with the actual dresses themselves. If you’re looking to save even more money you could order a dress directly from manufacturers in China, just be sure to order well in advance so that any needed alterations can be made with time to spare.

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