How to save money on a wedding

Weddings are notoriously expensive; it’s a celebration of love that doesn’t come around very often and because it is a single unique and special day of your life, many people want to push the boat out and spare no expense when it comes to their big day. But what if you are young, have children, are trying to save for something far more antagonising, such as a mortgage, or you simply want to keep your costs low? Here is some advice for how to cut costs without sacrificing quality.

The time

Peak wedding season is from July through to September but can begin from as early as April in some venues. Just remember that a wedding in summer does not necessarily guarantee good weather (particularly in the UK!). You can achieve a beautiful season-themed wedding outside of summer with beautiful colours and seasonal flowers making your wedding day even more personalised and unique. During the week peak days are Friday through to Sunday, and so you can cut your costs further by celebrating on a weekday. Remember that your guests are eager to celebrate with you and you will be spoiling them with a night to remember with plenty of drink and food, so they will be happy to take a day’s holiday if you let them know with plenty of time in advance!

The venue

Big doesn’t always mean better! Smaller venues are often more intimate and require less dressing which can help with further costs. Check around for package deals or for off-peak times as well and do barter with prices for potential package deals. If you have chosen an off-peak time many venues will have slow or low trade during these times and will be happy to fill their books! Think big within the venue itself. If this is where you and your guests will be spending most of your time don’t worry about the exterior so much and try to picture what you can do with the interior; wedding trimmings and homemade decorations such as simple paper garlands are inexpensive and easy to acquire which can fill out your venue to achieve a gorgeous and decadent look.

The transport

The time getting to each venue is usually very short and in the end, unless it is a horse drawn a carriage, will most likely be forgotten about as most of the day and night will be spent at your venue. Rather than spending money on limousines for your guests, put together some inexpensive but unique to your relationship and style wedding favours that they can take home and either savour or keep forever as a reminder of the celebration of your special day.

The cake

British people have been baking since the dawn of time, it seems! Especially since the boom of the television series “The Great British Bake Off” people have been going baking mad! You can find cake makers almost anywhere including within your own circle of friends and family. Now, if you do not want to get someone so close to you involved you can always find someone advertising their cake making services across websites such as Facebook, Gumtree and many wedding forum websites. Be sure to have a consultation and try a sample to make sure you know what you are getting. You can always be completely personal and unique by means of you and your partner both baking and decorating the cakes! Whether they are a professional spectacle or not, they will have your stamp and be one of the first things you made with your hands and can enjoy together as a married couple.

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