Choose a professional wedding photographer and rock a wedding

Whoohooo! You are getting married! Congratulations, It is time to choose a professional wedding photographer and save your epic moments with great photography. With so many professional wedding photographers, particularly across London, how do you choose the right one for you? Let’s look at some important deciding factors when choosing a professional wedding photographer in London.

Look at their website

All professional wedding photographers will have their own website displaying their photography style, and concept and advertising their services. You can find students and new inexperienced photographers on places like gumtree but if you are looking for professional photos for your wedding there is no better place to start than at the hub of a photographer’s workplace. If you want to find a great professional wedding photographer use google and type Wedding photography Buckinghamshire.

Check their portfolio

On the wedding photographer’s website, you can usually find their portfolio, or if they have a lot of experience you can find a sample of their portfolio. This will give you an opportunity to look at the photographer’s style and to see whether the photos are the kind of style that suits your own. Should you decide to book a consultation a professional photographer will always bring their complete portfolio for you to look at closely.

What are their location range

Some wedding photographers are only based in one city, or even only part of a city, whereas others have and are willing to travel across the country or even abroad should you require their services. A wedding photographer who is ready to travel across the world for their clients is a true testament to their dedication to their work. I for example am Wedding Photographer Oxfordshire but got no problem going as far north to capture a fantastic wedding as this one “Not so serious wedding at Wyresdale Park as you imagine“.

Have a consultation!

A consultation is a free meeting with your potential photographer which will give you a chance to see whether or not you have an important rapport with them as well as discuss packages and what you are entitled to in each. A consultation does not mean you have created a contract with the photographer already but is an important step in finding a good understanding for both you and the photographer to ensure the style and story for your important day. A great photographer will not only share with you their knowledge about photography but also help you out with the wedding. I do supply my couples with lots of great tips, the latest one is all about ultimate wedding tips for groom.

Pay a package

Pay your wedding photographer based on a package, not an hourly rate. You should agree on a package beforehand, ideally during your consultation phase, and this will ensure you of what you will definitely be getting such as a time schedule, a number of photos, etc. This way a photographer’s work is not “done” by a particular time; in fact, their work is only completed when their last photo is fully edited, printed and packaged for you. A truly professional wedding photographer takes care of you until the very final point.


As just mentioned, your wedding photographer should take care of you and should be able to be relied upon from consultation to the final product. But you should find out what your final product entails. Your gumtree student may only produce unedited photos but your professional wedding package should promise you a minimum number of edited and polished photos depend on who you choose you may receive this as a USB data stick, a wedding album, or both and perhaps some beautiful packaging. Finding out these details is where receiving your wedding photos weeks after the magical day can be wrapped up in luxury paper and ribbon to be truly treasured and remind you that you chose the right photographer.

I am taking bookings now, so if you are looking for a wedding photography in Buckingham do not hesitate and contact me, best dates go quickly.