Pembroke Lodge Photos – Love Story with a Dash of Wild

Pembroke Lodge Photos

Lately weather was not spoiling us with much sun… I really miss those super sunny weddings, where I ask myself “why I did not take any shorts with me?”. So I decided I will share some sun, love and smiles with you all, and that’s thanks to Lucy & Cat! Their summer wedding was truly remarkable example of what love is. Let’s dive into their Pembroke Lodge photos and experience it together.

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It is not often that I got a chance to capture preparation of both partners on the day, especially when they get ready in two different place. However, I could not resist running between two hotels (uphill!) and be part of both of their wedding prep. Both of them with their own and unique style got ready around people who make them happy and smile. I love how personal they were, especially with Cat family turning up in their family tartan kilt. Also, she found an amazing way to incorporate that in her wedding outfit…SHOES!!! My brides know how much a big fan I am of fancy wedding shoes. You might spot the pistachio/turquoise WV van on these Pembroke Lodge photos, this is not a coincidence that Cat also have a tattoo of it… That car has a special meaning for both of them, but let’s keep it a secret, shhh.

Before the grand ceremony started, brides decided to have their first look, and it was fantastic. Bridesmaids had a difficult task to hide one from another before the big reveal. It was super fun to do such thing, however, the time come, and the ceremony was about to start. Placed in backyard of the Pembroke Lodge (one of my favourite wedding venues in London). With a breathtaking view, surrounded by their closest family and friends, Lucy and Cat vow to each other that they will be forever and ever together. You can clearly say that they really love each other, by the way they smile and how excited they are. Those pure and natural emotions are what I really love weddings and these Pembroke Lodge photos.

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The energy of my Brides after the ceremony was so high that I could not resist taking them out to capture a couple of portraits of them. Especially that their dog join us in for them. To top it off, even him was wearing Cat tartan on the collar! Love it! When it comes to portraits, I do always start quite slowly and bring those natural smiles from my couples, but here… Girls immediately pick up the vibe of natural and fun style I do create on the photoshoot. Every time I ask to look on each other, these two blown with smile and laughs, truly what I am looking for. Feeling how dynamic duo they are, we also decide to take photos simply being amazing and drinking champagne straight from the bottle, because why not? My oh my these Pembroke Lodge photos are amazing!

You might ask, “hey Bart, where is your favourite confetti shot?”, well, don’t be alarmed. When they have been announced as wife and wife while entering the dining room, everyone threw colourful confetti in the air. I am still wondering how many guests finished having a drink with confetti in it? One more (like it is the last one) amazing thing took place at that moment. Cat father conducted the Celtic blessing with tying a knot on their hand which symbolize unity is between newly-weds. I am so pleased how those Pembroke lodge photos comes out.

I love to celebrate with my wedding couples, in their big day, by hitting the dance floor in the evening. However, we had one of the most jaw dropping sunset on that time and I could not resist asking for a small piece of their time. Thankfully, they said yes and we create a masterpiece. Fun, relaxed and personal photos in Pembroke lodge we took on that afternoon I will cherish for a long time. And let me not forget about the fact that Lucy and Cat met playing rugby, like they are not cool enough :D, so when I saw them with a ball during the evening I knew I had to take a photo of that.

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I think I have to pick up my English vocabulary game higher, because I do not have any more adjectives to describe the amazingness of the brides in those Pembroke lodge photos. Cutting the cake can be a pretty simple task, grab a knife and slice it, that’s it… But not with these two. They brought a sabre to do it, and OH MY GOD, they rock it. I might to do this on my next birthday. Also, Cat decide that one wedding outfit is not enough, so she changes her dress into more party style. At this moment I lost my words and literally was in photography heaven. Stunning brides, incredible emotions, wonderful guests, sensational dog, spectacular sunset and incredible dance time… I couldn’t expect anything more from those Pembroke lodge photos. They are perfect, and I want to do it again!

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Amazing Suppliers:
Venue: Pembroke Lodge
Flowers: Ronny Colbie
Cake: Barbora Vcelikova
Band: Xcaliber – Joe Badger
Dresses: Enzoani

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