When I was falling asleep on Friday I did not expect that the next day I would make one of the best wedding photography Regents Park in my life. About 1 am there came a message that changed my whole next day …

Wedding photography Regents Park

Johanna and Joel visited me in London flying from Virginia U.S, which I hope to visit soon. The wedding photoshoot in London promised to be amazing, the weather was fantastic, the couple looked fabulous and I was ready to follow them everywhere. Starting with the Center of London, Jo & Joel has gone from the first photo. Without stress, they showed the best in them. That is the feeling that connects them, love. A smile like from Hollywood production, and posing skills like models on the front pages of magazines. These two showed me something that is really rare. Walking around Southbank, I felt like I was photographing some famous people.

The upcoming golden hour signaled that we should move to Regents Park. Full of green space, filled with fragrant flowers and even a small lake, this is the perfect park for wedding photography in Regents Park. With the setting sun, the day was over, just like our wedding photography in London. I felt it was insufficient, despite fantastic pictures. I hope to visit Johanna & Joel someday in Virginia. Thanks, guys, it was a wonderful day.

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