Do you like surprises? I do love them, while having an day off  Wojtek called me and ask if I would like to help him on this amazing wedding…tomorrow.  How could I say no. Weather app shows that it should be sunny, I had nothing to do, wedding had place in Green farm in Kent, reception at modern barn, if I would say “no”  , today I would regret my decision, but for my luck I trust Wojtek and give him a hand at this wedding in Kent. Sarah and Sam are just simply amazing, young, beautiful  and in love,  all their wedding decorations was DYI so I have to say WOW for effort  which they put into details.  Wedding ceremony had place at glade surrounded by small forest as well as pre drinks after where were prepared games and activities for guests. Blessing for  us was that we had outstanding weather,  sunny and warm but not boiling hot, perfect weather for wedding  photography in Green farm Kent.  Day full of power, emotions, laugh and pizza…yeah pizza, because who said that is not good for weddings? I have to say big thank you for being a part of Sarah and Sam wedding day, for Wojtek to choose me  as wedding photographer in Kent and sun for being so friendly that day.