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Hello everyone! It’s good to be back on track with a fresh, new and modern design for the website! But more importantly…Weddings! Do you remember Holy and Maciej’s engagement shoot in Greenwich? That was a time when I thought that my photography couldn’t get better, but I was shown how wrong I was after working on Holy and Maciej’s Wedding. It all began in Woking at Gorse Hill Hotel where the bride and groom were getting ready. The location was absolutely wondrous, and a part of the countryside I imagine celebrities and millionaires aspire to establish their second properties! The Ceremony took place in St Mary’s Church in Aldershot, a small but elegantly modern building as it was constructed in 1962, and even though cloudy weather threatened to disrupt the ambience, I still had great light to work with. But the best part for me was the wedding photoshoot which we took while the guests enjoyed drinks and sweets. A Pilipino belle and Polish gentleman- nothing could go wrong with this couple. The harmony between them was impressive and enviable to the extent that the photo shoot was completed in a mere fifteen minutes! Working with such a beautiful couple is simply a pleasure for photographers. I hope you will experience and embrace these same magical sensations from Holy, Maciej and their adoring guests. Without a doubt, I can say that I spent that day in the best possible way. Thank you so much for choosing Miracle-Moments to be your London Wedding Photographer. Please sit back and enjoy their Wedding Day!

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