39 Engagement photos Liverpool which melt your heart

Engagement photos Liverpool

I think I already mentioned it but one of the best parts of my business is that I can visit all of the amazing places I have never been to and meet fantastic people. Natasha and Jack decide to have their Engagement photos Liverpool. Fun fact it was longer for me to drive there than do the photos. However with a great soundtrack and a bag of sour skittles in my car I can go anywhere. Without further ado enjoy those 40 engagement photos Liverpool which will melt your heart.

Best locations for engagement photos Liverpool

Natasha and Jack were super prepared for this and were very helpful to me as this was my first engagement photos Liverpool. It should not be a secret for local photographers, but for whoever comes here the first time, Sefton Park is my go place if you are looking for a great natural background. Everything can be found there. Amazing open fields for superb wide shots, forest areas, laying down trees to sit down, a bridge closed for car traffic and even a small waterfall… I mean how you could not want to do photos there?

Another great place which is just simply made for photos is the Liverpool Waterfront. In short, it is a very lively cultural hub on the River Mersey, around which you can find tons of pubs, activities and for us photographers, superb views. Especially when the sun starts going down and reaches that magical “golden hour”, the place is getting that extra flavour. I fell in love with that place.

How to prepare for an engagement photoshoot

To be honest you don’t have to do much. Treat it as a meeting with your photographer and a fun time out of all the wedding planning stress. It is a great moment to try out your wedding makeup or hairstyle. I wrote an article Top 6 tips why to have an engagement photo shoot where I cover all benefits of having it. In terms of your outfit, feel free, be yourself, and don’t dress as someone else. A great tip is to pair your outfits, which does not mean, going uber stylish but rather how your outfits complement each other. If you have a dog, then I am all 100% into taking him/her with us. I love dogs and wait for a wedding with loads of them on the day. But, don’t stress, smile and have fun.

If you are planning a wedding and looking for top-quality engagement photos Liverpool to cater to your specific needs look no further. Dates for 2022/2023 are going really fast so do not wait until the last moment. Simply fill up my Contact form and let’s chat!

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