It is wonderful that photography can allow me to travel to different places and give me the opportunity to explore sights that I would normally be unable to experience. During the last weekend of September I departed for an adventure as destination wedding photographer London for the wedding of Celia and Stu. I could probably write a book about this fantastic couple but as a great example let’s take out first meeting; I went prepared with my wedding album portfolio, like I always do for consultations, and Stu invited me in and told me that lunch is on the table so let’s tuck in… I knew right then that they were different and special. A couple of months later I was on a plane to Madrid for a beautiful wedding in Spain. I stayed there for a couple of days and advised my wedding couple that we will use this time with the Mediterranean views and sun to do something more than simply wedding photography in Spain. After two hours I could put my bags down after our engagement photoshoot in Spain to enjoy the last of the fabulous sunset and the lovely Celia and Stu by a lake situated close to Ciudad Real, where the wedding would take place. Time passed so quickly and these two showed me what love looks like in photos. So please enjoy this ppre-wedding photoshoot Spain.