Where save money on wedding ? 1

Where save money on wedding ?

Where to save money on a wedding

Hi there! January is very busy time for all couples when it comes to planning a wedding. It is not a big secret that weddings are expensive so for those of you who starting just now all preparation here you got a couple of free tips from my point of view,  where you can cut some expenses.

Continuing from the part one we are looking at what areas prior to, on the day, and after your wonderful wedding day. These are only suggestions and possibilities and where possible we have tried to include an example. Let’s take a look at what’s next on the budget agenda:

The invitations

Wedding invitations are an opportunity to give a sneak peek into the theme and general feel of the wedding celebration to come. Some break into three to six-page supplements with leaflet-like information on hotels, the venue, and the food. The most important information is the dates, times, and venue addresses (and obviously your names). To save money here you could use your own printer and choose a simple yet sophisticated font to display the information but choose thick and expensive feeling paper. You could then, if you’d like, adorn the printed product with lace or ribbon. If you, your partner, or someone you know is familiar with a graphic design or editing based software such as Photoshop, you can download custom “brushes” to add visual flair to the invitations before printing them. For a touch of decadence without the cost, invest in a wax seal stamp with the first letter of your surname (or soon to be surname) and metallic sealing wax to close and finish the invitation envelopes.

The flowers

This is a tough one and could potentially require a bit of space and elbow grease. If you browse some wedding forums you may be able to find someone selling or renting dried flowers (these would be particularly nice for an autumn themed wedding should you choose to have your ceremony out of peak season – see the top of this article). If not, and if you prepare in advance, you could purchase bundles of dried flowers online and make your own arrangements using plenty of cheaper grassy type foliage. You could wash out, and wash labels off used jars and dress them up with some glossy ribbon to save further. You could then sell your dried flowers on one of the wedding forums to make back the money spent!

The music

If you plan on hiring a DJ you could save a lot of money by simply arranging a playlist to be played from an iPod or mp3 player. As long as you stick to an order based on how you want the mood to begin and change on the day you can be in charge of your own music and actually have more control. Most venues have speakers that a DJ would hook his/her equipment up to so you can just plug the cable into the headphone jack of your music player or use a simple adapter for the right size. Just be sure to check what is available when you are first viewing your venues.

The dress

Rather than paying full whack for a custom made or brand name wedding dress, consider renting a wedding gown for a fraction of the price or even possibly choosing a dress from the sale end; many wedding dresses are timeless but the reason why dresses end up in the sale is because fashion trends are classified into seasons and once the season is over they are reduced in price to make room for the new rotation of stock– unless explicitly stated there is nothing wrong with the actual dresses themselves. If you’re looking to save even more money you could order a dress directly from manufacturers in China, just be sure to order well in advance so that any needed alterations can be made with time to spare.

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Why you definitely should have an engagement photo shoot? 2

Why you definitely should have an engagement photo shoot?

Why you definitely should have an engagement photo shoot?

There are many reasons why you should have an engagement photography session with your wedding photographer London before your actual wedding day, but the main reason is to encapsulate the feelings and progress of your story with each other. During this love photo shoot you are in the beautiful stage between lovers and husband and wife; you have just officially promised to spend your lives together.

The events on your wedding day are planned meticulously and are shared across both families and many circles of friends. On your wedding day, chances are you may be feeling anxious, stressed, or emotional and having an engagement photo shoot will give you the opportunity to focus on each other while feeling relaxed and without feeling under any pressure. Your engagement shoot allows you a calm environment where it is just you and your photographer. You can also have a lot more input and get creative with your shots, poses and environment; you can have some real fun! It also doubles up as practise for the wedding photo shoot!

Once you see your engagement photos you will feel more excited for the big day itself and you will also have been able to build a rapport and relationship between you and your wedding photographer and you will have had the chance to experience the process of a photo shoot and the results of your photographers work, reassuring you of your choice in photographer. It also gives your photographer the chance to get to know who you are and see your story together, this will in turn allow them to bring out the best in each of you and help portray your story to the best of their abilities.

You can also use your engagement photos as part of your wedding invitations or part of a save-the-date card. You could also send them out as gifts to family members.

But however you plan to enjoy them, engagement photos, and equally as important – the engagement shoot will be an important and enjoyable part of the process leading to the crescendo that is your wedding day.

Love engagement photoshoot London is an amazing filling of wedding story,  it creates an introduction of how you and your another half are close and how big are your feelings to each other. That's why I can offer FREE engagement photo shoot if you book a 2017/18 wedding with me until the end of this year. Just contact me and let me show how amazing your wedding day will be.

How to save money on wedding - London wedding photographer 3

How to save money on wedding - London wedding photographer

Weddings are notoriously expensive; it’s a celebration of love that doesn’t come around very often and because it is a single unique and special day of your life, many people want to push the boat out and spare no expense when it comes to their big day. But what if you are young, have children, are trying to save for something far more antagonising, such as a mortgage, or you simply want to keep your costs low? Here is some advice for how to cut costs without sacrificing quality.

The time

Peak wedding season is from July through to September but can begin from as early as April in some venues. Just remember that a wedding in summer does not necessarily guarantee good weather (particularly in the UK!). You can achieve a beautiful season-themed wedding outside of summer with beautiful colours and seasonal flowers making your wedding day even more personalised and unique. During the week peak days are Friday through to Sunday, and so you can cut your costs further by celebrating on a weekday. Remember that your guests are eager to celebrate with you and you will be spoiling them with a night to remember with plenty of drink and food, so they will be happy to take a day’s holiday if you let them know with plenty of time in advance!

The venue

Big doesn’t always mean better! Smaller venues are often more intimate and require less dressing which can help with further costs. Check around for package deals or for off-peak times as well and do barter with prices for potential package deals. If you have chosen an off-peak time many venues will have slow or low trade during these times and will be happy to fill their books! Think big within the venue itself. If this is where you and your guests will be spending most of your time don’t worry about the exterior so much and try to picture what you can do with the interior; wedding trimmings and homemade decorations such as simple paper garlands are inexpensive and easy to acquire which can fill out your venue to achieve a gorgeous and decadent look.

The transport

The time getting to each venue is usually very short and in the end, unless it is a horse drawn a carriage, will most likely be forgotten about as most of the day and night will be spent at your venue. Rather than spending money on limousines for your guests, put together some inexpensive but unique to your relationship and style wedding favours that they can take home and either savour or keep forever as a reminder of the celebration of your special day.

The cake

British people have been baking since the dawn of time, it seems! Especially since the boom of the television series “The Great British Bake Off” people have been going baking mad! You can find cake makers almost anywhere including within your own circle of friends and family. Now, if you do not want to get someone so close to you involved you can always find someone advertising their cake making services across websites such as Facebook, Gumtree and many wedding forum websites. Be sure to have a consultation and try a sample to make sure you know what you are getting. You can always be completely personal and unique by means of you and your partner both baking and decorating the cakes! Whether they are a professional spectacle or not, they will have your stamp and be one of the first things you made with your hands and can enjoy together as a married couple.

If you would like to know more  tips about your wedding day, how to not ruin it or how to choose wedding photographer in London have a look at my wedding blog page , feel free to comment below and let me know what are your ideas how to save money on wedding .

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Why hiring a professional wedding photographer in London is so important ? 4

Why hiring a professional wedding photographer in London is so important ?

Why hiring a professional wedding photographer in London is so important

On the checklist of must haves on a wedding day a wedding photographer is up there with venue, dress and food. There are ways to minimise some costs on your wedding day like dressing up a smaller venue, renting a dress or relying on a friend for a cake but there are many reasons why hiring a professional wedding photographer is better than cutting back costs by hiring an amateur.

An expensive camera alone is not enough to produce expensive looking photos

A truly professional london wedding photographer can work with a variety of different models of cameras and lenses, and many will have top-of-the-range equipment, but the most important thing here is the ability to know and use the functions properly and use the camera to its fullest capabilities. Their equipment doesn’t end at a camera; they will know how to use and carry an array of hardware such as flashes, transmitters for these flashes, receivers, filters, extra batteries and extra memory cards, a backup HDD screen, a harness for easy access to their cameras, a high spec PC and appropriate professional software.

How to work with environment, composition and lighting

A professional wedding photographer london will know how to work with a variety of indoor and outdoor environments. They will also know how to manipulate natural light but also have the ability to use artificial lighting and editing to create a variety of effects if desired by their client. They will also know how to arrange the composition of a photo while making use of the environment to create different moods and feelings to be reminded or be emoted by the person who will look over them.

Enough confidence to assure and build a rapport with clients

Because of their knowledge and know-how a professional wedding photographer will be able to ensure great results and therefore reassure their clients of quality results and a satisfactory outcome from their work; they will be able to build a relationship with their clients, and models, building a rapport and level of understanding which develops natural and flowing photos making the whole process easy and relaxing.

Level of professionalism with travel, punctuality, blending in with guests instead of standing out

Your surrey wedding photographer will know that at the end of the day this is one of the most important days in their clients’ lives and will be prepared to travel ahead of time, check for any disruptions of traffic but they will also interact with guests while blending seamlessly into the environment ensuring that the focus is on what is important while less experienced photographers may appear awkward, distracted or be unable to assimilate themselves to the setting.

Enough experience to predict potential problems

A professional wedding photographer will have enough experience with wedding shoots and engagement shoots to be able to anticipate possible complications and be prepared and able to adapt to such circumstances such as poor weather or lighting or hardware failing. Without such important experience and preparedness a photographer might fumble and actually make errors and mistakes or be unable to cope or resolve problems that may unexpectedly arise.

Knowledge and experience of editing software to bring out the best in each photo.

Capturing your wedding photos is only half of the job; the rest is down to superior editing skills using professional software. Here your professional photographer is able to adjust and implement a variety of components within each individual photo and your photographer will painstakingly edit every selected photo to bring out the utmost best in each picture. This is where your wedding photographer will spend most of their time and it will be reflected in the quality outcome of your completed luxury and unique wedding photo album.

All photos of me was done by Voyteck and Tom , thanks guys!

How to choose a professional wedding photographer London 5

How to choose a professional wedding photographer London

With so many wedding photographers, particularly across London, how do you choose the right one for you? Let’s look at some important deciding factors when choosing your professional wedding photographer.

Look at their website

All professional wedding photographers will have their own website displaying their photography style, concept and advertising their services. You can find students and new inexperienced photographers on places like gumtree but if you are looking for professional photos for your wedding there is no better place to start than at the hub of a photographer’s work place.

Look at their portfolio

On the wedding photographer’s website you can usually find their portfolio, or if they have a lot of experience you can find a sample of their portfolio. This will give you an opportunity to look at the photographer’s style and to see whether the photos are the kind of style that suits your own. Should you decide to book a consultation a professional photographer will always bring their complete portfolio for you to look at closely.

Look at their location range

Some wedding photographers are only based in one city, or even only part of a city, whereas others have and are willing to travel across the country or even abroad should you require their services. A London wedding photographer who is ready to travel across the world for their clients is a true testament to their dedication to their work.

Have a consultation

A consultation is a free meeting with your potential photographer which will give you a chance to see whether or not you have an important rapport with them as well as discussing packages and what you are entitled to in each. A consultation does not mean you have created a contract with the photographer already but is an important step in finding a good understanding for both you and the photographer to ensure the style and story for your important day.

Pay a package

Pay your wedding photographer in London based on a package not an hourly rate. You should agree on a package beforehand, ideally during your consultation phase, and this will ensure you of what you will definitely be getting such as a time schedule, number of photos, etc. This way a photographer’s work is not “done” by a particular time; in fact their work is only completed when their last photo is fully edited, printed and packaged to you. A truly professional wedding photographer takes care of you until the very final point.


As just mentioned, your wedding photographer London should take care of you and should be able to be relied upon from consultation to final product. But you should find out what your final product entails. Your gumtree student may only produce unedited photos but your professional wedding package should promise you a minimum number of edited and polished photos and depending on who you choose you may receive this as a USB data stick, a wedding album, or both and perhaps some beautiful packaging. Finding out these details is where receiving your wedding photos weeks after the magical day can be wrapped up in luxury paper and ribbon to be truly treasured and remind you that you chose the right photographer.

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Why wedding photographer London is so expensive 6

Why wedding photographer London is so expensive

On average a wedding can cost upwards of £40, 000. So, when spending, what feels like life savings, on what feels like a huge party, it's reasonable to look for ways to cut back; and it's reasonable to question whether a wedding photographer is the one aspect of your day you don't really need. The hundreds of pounds you spend on someone who you think turning up, saying "big smiles" as they click a few buttons, load them onto a computer and send them back in a fancy album or on a USB. However, the reality of the situation is a bit different, the pressure of taking photos on your big day combined with the pressure of telling your story is really what wedding photography is about.


The most important aspect of what I do is knowledge and experience. I started taking photos as a kid about 12 years ago. I spent hours every day taking pictures, editing pictures, reading and studying photography. As a wedding photographer I trained myself to develop a keen eye for the perfect photograph "moment", be it weddings, architecture, food, people or landscapes. As a photographer I am still learning and aspiring to be better attending courses and shadowing other photographers to develop my knowledge and understanding. Professional wedding photographers will not guide you around your day they will spot the perfect opportunities and be on top of your day and know what to shoot and how to tell the perfect version of your wedding day in photographs. He will be prepared for the best and worst of situations, and adapt to how, if and when your day needs.



Wedding photographers do what they do out of passion and love for both what we do but also because we are storytellers and I want to tell your story. The marketing, SEO, website designing and social media advertising is not free. The phrase "Wedding Photographer London" in Google costs about £4 a click. So about 100 clicks a day totals about £12000 a month. While this seems great the equipment, the effort, the hours we put into perfecting your photos afterward and the dedication to your wedding day is all factors to consider.



For wedding photographer London having the perfect equipment is as essential as a surgeon having the correct tools. You can check all the prices online but here's a breakdown of the typical photographers bag. Two full frame cameras, four different high-end prime lenses, two flashes, four genuine batteries, ten professional memory cards, flash receivers and transmitters, a harness and obviously this all has to go into a bag. This is the most simple equipment needed to deliver professional results, but obviously this all doesn't last forever.



When deciding whether you need to pay for a professional photographer you need to firstly ask yourself, how would you like to remember your wedding day? Would you like to remember it though photos taken by friends on their phone and plastered all over social media? Or would you rather something more intimate, professional, like stills from the movie of your day. If you hire a wedding photographer at £1300 and break it down by monthly advertising, equipment, insurance, and divided by the hours spent editing it looks like just a regular job. I'm not complaining about it, I love my job, meeting unique people, all with different stories, different weddings and wanting different results. Next time someone offers you £300 for taking photos at your wedding or event, just think to yourself, what results will I get? And more importantly, will they tell my story perfectly?



If you would like to know more and learn about my point of view on your wedding day have a look here where you find all information about me and my work.
I am taking bookings now for 2017 , so if you are looking for a wedding photographer in London do not hesitate and contact me, best dates go quickly.

5 ways to ruin your wedding day 7

5 ways to ruin your wedding day

Wedding day is one of the most important days in your life, it is a day of joy and happiness, your day, ideally planned should goes as you imagine it in your mind, but reality can be bit more harsh and even perfect plan can go wrong. So here is 5 ways which I find out can ruing your wedding day.

Inviting too many guests

Every couple want to celebrate their wedding day in fantastic company, having fun and not problems is what you probably looking for, but everyone of us got those "friends" which we are meeting  occasionally with group of friends but not really getting along with, or far family which we met just once at family reunion, but you feel like you should invite them otherwise people will ask questions. Well it is your wedding , it is your day and NOTHING should harm it, running around all wedding visitors can be  quite exhausting, is not better if you just have group which you feel comfortable no matter what?


Forgetting about details

I do understand that you want to surprise and shock your guest , but do you think that your friends are actually coming to try this amazing Merlot or this buttery roasted breast of chicken with baby vegetables and  butternut squash puree with thyme? If they do then maybe you should read first point one more time. Ambience of the wedding is very important, DYI wedding details can be really easy to made and not cost a lot, and believe me that you and your guests will remember more how your day look like then how food taste like.


Forgetting about fun for kids

Probably many of your friends and family already got kids, and they will take them on your day, and as long as they got things to do then you can feel safe that their parents would not leave before end of the reception. That does not have to be anything sophisticated , simple box different toys, bouncy balls or bouncy castle will do the job.


Hiring amateur wedding photographer

As a wedding photographer in London I hear a lot of things, that we do take money for just simply pressing shutter button, and there is a lot of students who are happy to do it for free. Yeah... well imagine this that you spend roughly  £30 000 , most of it is going to venue, food and dress, to be honest you will be just one day at the venue, food will be eaten , and dress if is not hired it will stay at your wardrobe , but wedding photos will be with you till your last days. Do you really want to "save" some extra pounds just because it is not so important? If you want to save some extra money and hire professional wedding photographer in London then read this article to the end.


Stressing too much

you hiring catering company, amazing venue , professional photographer, they know what they doing relax and enjoy your day. If you are planning your wedding  in London like most of the couples with around a year advantage then think that you choose perfect venue,  tastiest food and professional wedding photographer in London then you should not worry about anything, it is your fun day, enjoy it, there are people around you, who will look after you and take care of any problem at the day. So just grab a glass of champagne and make this day epic.


As I promise I can help you with saving bit money on wedding photographer in London and basically everywhere . I am taking bookings for 2017, so right now is perfect time to book your professional photographer, best dates go quick so CONTACT ME and in section HOW YOU FIND ME type "5 ways to ruin your wedding" and I will give you 10% off from my wedding package.

5 Reasons why you should hire professional photographer - London wedding photographer 8

5 Reasons why you should hire professional photographer - London wedding photographer

Your wedding day is full of an amazing moments which you would love to keep in our hearts and minds for the rest of your life. But as time goes by and although nothing can truly replace your own memories your photos can transport you back to that time and refresh what might’ve become a distant memory to one that feels like it happened just moments ago. Hiring a professional wedding photographer who can capture those moments of your special day for you to remember facilitates this transportation and tells your story like a fairytale come true. So without further ado.


1. Everything passes… When organising our wedding we remember every small detail; we want the food to taste great, the cake should look amazing, the band/DJ should play fantastic music and there should be enough alcohol for everyone. But on the day after what actually remains? The last bits of decorations, leftovers of balloons, dirty dishes, and for many of guests (bride and groom not excluded) a hangover! But what stays with the bride and groom? Aside from the bespoke rings and a marriage document there is perhaps only a large bill and the precious memories in their minds. That’s why most of us hire a wedding photographer which has a lot of experience in this kind of profession, who will be able to capture all of those details which we pay so much money. The photos which we receive should stay with us till end of our days, and those photos will have the incredible power to transport us back to that special day every time we look at them.

2. There is no repeats… On the wedding day everything should go according to plan, especially at the ceremony. There is no time for rehearsals or setting up. The wedding photographer should know where to stand and what to do in order to take the best photos all the while to not break the ambience of the moment. If we decide to ask a friend or amateur to take photos we are risking not only the quality of the photos but also with the decorum and professionalism of the situation where someone may not realise that the job they are doing creates photos that will be very precious and that it is a day when bride and groom are the most important people and it may be embarrass them to observe a person running around trying to achieve “professional” shots without knowing where to begin. A professional wedding photographer should not only know but be ready to set different settings with their equipment according to situation of the light in a matter of seconds, there is no time for learning on the job or wondering what will work best, there is just knowledge and experience which a photographer can only get by taking many many photos.

3.Professional photographer will save you lots of time and energy.... A professional wedding photographer is ready for every situation, he knows what kind of photos should be sent to his clients and what he should look after. There won’t be questions about what is happening next or what time is cake arriving; he would’ve asked for the plan/schedule weeks ago and would’ve memorised it to the minute. Your wedding day is a time for fun and joy; it is not a day to run around in your hand selected bespoke wedding dress and check how kitchen is working, or if the band ready to play, or to ask how the photos are looking and to remind the photographer to take photos of this or that. It just causes more stress, which is why you should hire someone who knows what to do to save you time and energy on this special day.

4. He is there for you… Many wedding photographers charge per hour, and to me that is already a sign that that is not a professional photographer. If he has been working as a wedding photographer for years, he should know that there are situations which cannot be predicted. Perhaps the bride will change her hair, there may be traffic, perhaps the kitchen has delays, etc. What happens in these situations? Of course, you will need to pay for those extra hours, or you can expect the photographer to leave promptly, because that’s what his contract says. An experienced and professional wedding photographer will book and attend the whole day for your wedding. No matter what the contract says, he will go on until the end of the night and ask if there is more he can do, if there are any surprises to occur in the future that he should stay for so that he may capture it. This shows that this person is the right person to choose.

5.It is all about photos What is the most important reason for choosing exactly whom you will hire on your wedding day? You choose your chef according to how his food tastes, the band by the kind of music they play, so why would you hire a photographer based on the rate of what he charges instead of his photos? If at the end of the day all you what you want is a few photos to commemorate the day and hang above your fireplace then that is fine. But no matter what school he attended or what kind of equipment he is using, only by looking at his portfolio and meeting your photographer you can decide is he the right person to hire. Money is one thing, and there will always be people who charge more or less, but remember that this is the person who will capture photos and you don’t want to regret paying a little more for peace of mind that you have made the right choice and can put your faith in this person.