Engagement photos in Limehouse

Engagement photos in Limehouse

Engagement Photos in Limehouse

Choosing the perfect location for your engagement photos can be a task. However my couple Connie and Julius tastefully chose an area in east London called Limehouse. The day started off amazing the weather was sunny and I had some great photo ops. The lovely bride-to-be had prepared plans for the day ahead of time which was awesome. We walked all around the Limehouse area which was great fun. Especially because both Connie and Julius are dancers, it was great fun to see it portrayed in their photos. My athletic couple also shares my love of long-distance running, and we put our stamina to the test. The atmosphere of the shoot was amazing my couple really bounced off each other and shared great humor. There was lots of smiles and happiness which are shown in the pictures. I am super happy how this engagement photos in Limehouse went!

Engagement photos at Home

Having your engagement photos at home is never anything to be ashamed of. You don't have to spend great amounts of money to have a successful photoshoot close to home. It's a great idea to check out what's close to you first. One of my favorite parts of this shoot was the snaps at the Limehouse marina. Typical of British weather the heavens started to open, however, we still got the most amazing photos. Also, the area was completely empty which added to the atmosphere. After all of the excitement, we ended the day with tea and a cake Connie had baked herself. Julius even showed us his piano skills, I must say I totally wanted to buy a keyboard after that.

If you are thinking about having a photoshoot close to home or even far away get in touch now, best dates go quickly. To book for 2019/2020 please enquire. I hope to capture your future miracle moments.

Engagement photo shoot in Hyde Park 1

Engagement photo shoot in Hyde Park

Engagement photo shoot in Hyde Park

Many people who live in London don't take full advantage of this beautiful city. My jet-setting couple Vera and John came all the way from the USA for their engagement photo shoot in Hyde Park. Talking of long distances my couples relationship actually started as a long-distance romance. John lived in London and Vera lived in New York, after a year John moved to the USA. A real-life fairytale romance if you ask me. We kicked off the day by visiting a school where John previously worked which was a sentimental touch and stopped off at the famous Abbey road which is known for a photo of the Beatles. The tourists were so kind and gave us space for a full street photo when Vera and John crossed the famous road.

Vera also suggested a visit to little Venice, a place I had not even heard of after all these years. It was such a cool location to shoot with lots of boats all around. The photos taken there were great so I would totally recommend if the real Venice is looking a little pricey. We wrapped up the photo shoot at the gorgeous hyde park. We took photos until the sunset and then came my favourite time, golden hour. However, the window isn't actually that big and golden hour usually only lasts for around 20 minutes. This was plenty of time for me to capture my couple in all of their splendour.

If you are planning a wedding, please do not hesitate to get in contact. I am taking bookings for 2020 with early birds offer and still have free dates for 2019. Lots of hugs, Bart!

Engagement photos Greenwich 2

Engagement photos Greenwich

Greenwich as a location is popular in itself, this is because of the variety of British historical features it offers. Many couples take their wedding and engagement photos in Greenwich and here you will see why.

Engagement Photos Greenwich

I believe that the summer is a magical time to have a wedding. My couple Erina and Kosuke decided to have their summer engagement photos taken in Greenwich. I thought that this was a splendid choice, as Greenwich is one of my favourite parts of London. My couple both looked like models for their engagement photos in Greenwich. However, most importantly they looked like they were made for one another. They will both have great memories to look back on, and I was proud to be a part of that.

Wedding Photos Greenwich

We started off our journey in Canary Wharf, a very modern location, and the photos turned out great. We then took wedding photos in Greenwich which I really enjoyed. The atmosphere there is always amazing, plus there are many gorgeous features to be included in the photos. There was great lighting at both locations just before the golden hour. All of the photos were flattering and captured snippets of the couple's happiness whilst in each others presence. Stay tuned for the couples wedding story, which will be up on my blog in the coming weeks.

If you are looking for someone to produce quality engagement and weddings photos for you please do not hesitate to get in contact. I still have dates free for 2019, I look forward to hearing from you.

Engagement photos Madrid

Engagement Photos Madrid

Engagement Photos Madrid

Travelling as part of my job makes me feel so blessed. This time around I was lucky enough to do engagement photos in Madrid. I particularly love engagement shoots because there are so many different opportunities to be creative. Spain is an amazing setting for such creativity. My couple Irene and Jorrit had a shoot in Madrid 48hours before their wedding. Of course, I was more than happy to cater for their needs and provide great flexibility. As you know with weddings organisation is key, and I enjoy playing a part in making everything run smoothly.

I love how my couple Irene and Jorrit deliberately chose a place with such versatility. Many people aspire to have engagement shoots in beautiful places such as Madrid, hopefully, this can provide some inspiration. We started off the shoot with a long walk around central Madrid. The sheer beauty inspired me to be even more creative in my work. I was able to use the Spanish architecture to produce truly eye-catching photos. My wonderful couple can now store them in their memories forever. They also took me to an amazing food market called 'Mercado San Miguel'. I'm a big fan of olives and I must say they had the best olives I have ever tasted.

Wedding Photos Madrid

My couple Irene and Jorrit definitely made the right choice to do their wedding and engagement photos in Madrid. They brought me to a beautiful place called 'Parque Del Buen Retiro' which translates to park of the pleasant retreat. The park had the most amazing crystal palace I have ever seen, a great asset to any photo. The sunset was stunning and during the golden hour, the clarity of the photos was amazing. Soon I will upload the photos of their actual wedding in Madrid, they were marvellous. This was my second time in Madrid and I hope to go back soon to shoot more lovely couples in this gorgeous setting.

I still have free dates for 2019. Please get in contact if you would like me to capture your miracle moments. I would love to meet your needs and provide the best possible pictures of your special day.

Outdoor wedding games ideas

Outdoor wedding games ideas!

Outdoor wedding games have the potential to leave the most peaceful of couples going back and forth like a game of ping pong. However with my vast knowledge and experience of weddings hopefully this article will settle all of your quarrels. This is how you do wedding games the right way.

Outdoor wedding games ideas!

Offering wedding guests a source of entertainment can only be a positive right? Well, I know from experience that the planning process can be a stressful time. So here’s how to make it easier for yourself. Find games that are easier to play, some examples include Jenga, connect four and noughts and crosses. All of these games are well known and will definitely rope in guests of all ages. What’s even better is these games come in giant form. You can buy them online at reasonable prices. Games like this are always safe, as they are easy to learn and are not complicated, they come with easy instructions. This is a huge advantage for you time-savers. It will help to make sure your time is dedicated to the most important things in your day, as it should be.

Garden wedding games

If you are willing to reach into your wallet to make things even easier than this. You should consider looking online and hiring a game. I have noticed that hiring wedding games are becoming increasingly popular. As a wedding photographer, I can understand why. Some popular games for hire are child-friendly inflatables, for example, bouncy castles and helter skelters. You can even hire rodeo bulls for adults that have a wild side. Usually, this type of entertainment comes with a person to set it up for you, at an added fee of course! From my experience, many guests enjoy this type of entertainment and they definitely get me snapping to capture those precious moments of joy.

Wedding games, cliché or a must- have?

However, you must always remember that some guests at your wedding may not be able to actively participate in certain types of wedding games. Here are some great wedding games that are not physical, but will get every guest revved up.

-Bride and groom trivia
-The wheel of fortune
-Couples crossword

These games require more set up time but they add a wonderful personal touch to weddings and leaves guests with memories of your day that will last a lifetime.

If you are stuck always use your guest list as a guide to choosing games. For example, if you are lucky enough to get away with a child-free wedding you can choose a more sophisticated and suitable wedding game. Always be aware of your guests' needs but also of your own, and you can not go wrong.

Outdoor wedding games ideasOutdoor wedding games ideasOutdoor wedding games ideasOutdoor wedding games ideas

I would love to be your Wedding photographer London and tell your wedding story. There are still some free dates for 2019 so do not wait until the last moment. Best dates go quick! Contact me and lest simply chat how amazing wedding you will have.

If you would like to book yourself some outdoor wedding games have a look at those suppliers:
Gill's Vintage Garden Games
BWH Events

Wedding photos Hyde Park

Wedding photos in Hyde park

The moment I write this blog, Jessica and Max prepare the last bits for their wedding. And now I know that it will be a wedding that will not be an ordinary wedding. However, today I would like to share with you their wedding photos in Hyde Park.

Wedding  photos in Hyde Park

I assume that couples which I will work with will stress on the very beginning. That's why I decide to choose a place where there will be a lot of people. This will allow them to break the stress associated with the crowd. By the way, this allows me to show amazing locations in London.

We met in the late afternoon and use Covent Garden as the first location, calmly and without pressure. To my surprise, Jessica and Max posed like enchanted ones. Focused on themselves, separating the environment allowed me to do what I do best. And my God, how amazing they look ...

Covent Garden wedding photos

I assumed that we would spend at least an hour and a half on Covent garden wedding photos, but when I looked at the watch, it did not take 20 minutes and we were done there. However, I had a plan B, the hidden gem of London. A small square with colorful buildings and in the center of which is ... pharmacy. Neal's Yard if anyone was curious. For me a bomb, attention only to the crowds of people.

Waiting for the sunset, which for me is the most important moment of the evening, we had to take some time. And probably there was no better solution than a pint and the world championships in football.

However, this moment has come, piece de resistance, a golden hour! It is here that Jessica and Max showed a real fire. I can not describe these wedding photos in Hyde Park with words. The first pictures are taken, literally, a few meters after entering the park. Stunning.

I would love to be your wedding photographer London and tell your wedding story. There are still some free dates in 2018 so do not wait until the last moment, best dates go quick. Contact me and lest simply chat how amazing wedding you will have.

Engagement photos in Richmond Park 3

Engagement photos in Richmond Park

It is so difficult to blog during the wedding season. I would love to share with you all amazing couples and their stories. So all things on a side today and let's have a look at engagement photos in Richmond Park with fabulous Debbie and Ben.

Engagement photos in Richmond Park

I have to start with that I'm an absolute fan of dogs. Therefore, do not be too bad for me to see King Moe here. Absolutely wonderful black labrador in which I fell in love at first sight. So, you can expect a lot of pictures with this sweetie.

We started our engagement photos in Richmond Park which I have surprisingly visited for the first time in seven years. The plan was simple, nice afternoon walk to sunset. With each minute the sun became more and more softer. It took on a golden colour which in my opinion is perfect for such occasions. The weather was perfect which is difficult in London. Even Moe took advantage of the opportunity to bath in the pond. Ben probably had to refresh the upholstery after that.

Wedding photos in Richmond Park

Many people will say that in the park there is not much opportunity for creativity when it comes to wedding photos. However, if you look for it properly, you can see how the light and shadow dance at sunset and create beautiful patterns.

I would love to be your wedding photographer London and tell your wedding story. There are still some free dates in 2018 so do not wait until last moment, best dates go quick. Contact me and lest simply chat how amazing wedding you will have.

Destination wedding photographer Italy

Destination wedding photographer Italy

A week ago London has been covered with snow that I have not seen for years. I remembered then why I did not like winter so much. With a longing for the summer weather, I was reminded of a fantastic wedding session in Italy on which I was with Tom. Enjoy.

Destination wedding photographer Italy

Being a destination wedding photographer Italy is not one of the easiest jobs, but the most pleasant ones are certainly. When you board the plane in long trousers, and the first thing you want to do after leaving it, is to change into shorts, for me in itself is an amazing feeling. Day off, visiting Rome and for the first time trying the tastiest pizzas I ate. A real Italian pizza is definitely something you have to try.

After this short trip, it's time to work. Trough curvy mountain roads we arrive at Ravello. A beautiful city with a fabulous view, which I woke up for the next three days. In a very short time, I will post on my website a wedding from this place. Today, however, I serve you a small introduction to this amazing place for a wedding in Ravello.

Wedding in Italy

Narrow streets, historic buildings and the view which I hope to see again. Rebecca and Jon blended in superbly with everything that surrounded us. You do not have to imagine it, just look at the pictures. And when the sun began to set, I was sold. I would like to do more weddings in Italy.

Oh, that was an adventure, but it is only a foretaste of what happened the next day. However, I will tell you about it another time. Now please catch some sunbeams from this beautiful photo session in Italy.

I would love to be your destination wedding photographer Italy and tell your wedding story. There are still some free dates in 2018 so do not wait until last moment, best dates go quick. Contact me and lest simply chat how amazing wedding you will have.


I & J - Camden Town wedding photographer

It is good to occasionally catch a break from editing, emailing and marketing, and just share your photos with you. I met Irene and Jorrit already in 2016 after they saw engagement photos of their friends Sandra and Daniel. Irene and Jorrit wedding will take place next year, but already now they wanted to make an engagement photo session enjoy.

Camden Town wedding photographer

It is good to occasionally catch a break from editing, emailing and marketing, and just share your photos with you. I met Irene and Jorrit already in 2016 after they saw engagement photos of their friends Sandra and Daniel. Irene and Jorrit wedding will take place next year, but already now they wanted to make an engagement photo session enjoy.

As Camden Town as a wedding photographer, I am prepared for the weather might be surprising. However, this time the sun is rarely used to co-operate surplus well. Our afternoon began in a very classic and well-known Westminster. Big Ben, the London Eye and a quick walk to Trafalgar Square, filled up with the beautiful places where Irene and Jorrit looked as if they were enchanted. Smiling and posing to themselves in a way that professional models would not be ashamed. It was pure pleasure.

Our next stop was Camden Town, incredibly colourful place. I have been planning to take one of my couples, because of graffiti's, the market with the old stuff, riverside bars and pubs pulsating with life. I love this place. The best part is walking along the river you can get to one of my favourite London parks.

London wedding photographer

It was here that I had the opportunity to photograph in Regents Park. I will probably never get enough of this place, because where would you go there is always some corner with flowers, bushes, trees and with the beautiful sun if this is the golden hour.

The biggest surprise, however, that day turned out to be a phone call from Jorrit sister. Who told them that she just gave birth to a baby girl. There were tears, smile and incredible energy that accompanied us to the end of the day. Amazing day, I can not wait for their wedding which I invite you already now.

I would love to be your Camden Town wedding photographer and tell your wedding story. There are still some free dates on 2018 so do not wait till last moment, best dates go quick. Contact me and lest simply chat how amazing wedding you will have.

couple kissing in hyde park London engagement photoshoot

M & V - Wedding photographer Central London

As wedding photographer Central London I do have many couples from abroad visiting me. Moran and Vered came from Israel to London, where this fantastic session takes place. So sit down, grab yourself a hot coffee and enjoy.

Wedding Photographer Central London

Our day started in one of Hackney's climatic stores. Blossomed to the brim of all sorts of plants fit perfectly into our idea. From the very beginning, the couple showed what they feel to each other. If you ever plan to do it, be aware that, that place is super tight.

Our next stop was Covent Garden, where in the crowds of the people, in love, Moran and Vered did not care about anything. They were focused only on each other. Going to our destination we had the opportunity to do some very urban photos. Even then the couple did not look away from each other and showed much affection. Simple walk trough streets of London with them finished with really exciting shots.

Wedding photography Hyde Park

Finally, we went to London's most famous park, Hyde Park. The sun of that day really did not want to cooperate. However, for a short while, it showed up from behind the clouds and lent us its golden colour. The golden hour of the day was rather like a golden ten minutes. However, even that was enough for Moran and Vered, whose posing skills were beyond my imagination.

Thank you very much, Moran & Vered for choosing me for your wedding photographer Central London. I am still taking bookings for 2017 and already booking for 2018 so if you are looking for a wedding photographer London contact me to talk about details.