I & J - Camden Town wedding photographer

It is good to occasionally catch a break from editing, emailing and marketing, and just share your photos with you. I met Irene and Jorrit already in 2016 after they saw engagement photos of their friends Sandra and Daniel. Irene and Jorrit wedding will take place next year, but already now they wanted to make an engagement photo session enjoy.

Camden Town wedding photographer

It is good to occasionally catch a break from editing, emailing and marketing, and just share your photos with you. I met Irene and Jorrit already in 2016 after they saw engagement photos of their friends Sandra and Daniel. Irene and Jorrit wedding will take place next year, but already now they wanted to make an engagement photo session enjoy.

As Camden Town as a wedding photographer, I am prepared for the weather might be surprising. However, this time the sun is rarely used to co-operate surplus well. Our afternoon began in a very classic and well-known Westminster. Big Ben, the London Eye and a quick walk to Trafalgar Square, filled up with the beautiful places where Irene and Jorrit looked as if they were enchanted. Smiling and posing to themselves in a way that professional models would not be ashamed. It was pure pleasure.

Our next stop was Camden Town, incredibly colourful place. I have been planning to take one of my couples, because of graffiti's, the market with the old stuff, riverside bars and pubs pulsating with life. I love this place. The best part is walking along the river you can get to one of my favourite London parks.

London wedding photographer

It was here that I had the opportunity to photograph in Regents Park. I will probably never get enough of this place, because where would you go there is always some corner with flowers, bushes, trees and with the beautiful sun if this is the golden hour.

The biggest surprise, however, that day turned out to be a phone call from Jorrit sister. Who told them that she just gave birth to a baby girl. There were tears, smile and incredible energy that accompanied us to the end of the day. Amazing day, I can not wait for their wedding which I invite you already now.

I would love to be your Camden Town wedding photographer and tell your wedding story. There are still some free dates on 2018 so do not wait till last moment, best dates go quick. Contact me and lest simply chat how amazing wedding you will have.

couple kissing in hyde park London engagement photoshoot

M & V - Wedding photographer Central London

As wedding photographer Central London I do have many couples from abroad visiting me. Moran and Vered came from Israel to London, where this fantastic session takes place. So sit down, grab yourself a hot coffee and enjoy.

Wedding Photographer Central London

Our day started in one of Hackney's climatic stores. Blossomed to the brim of all sorts of plants fit perfectly into our idea. From the very beginning, the couple showed what they feel to each other. If you ever plan to do it, be aware that, that place is super tight.

Our next stop was Covent Garden, where in the crowds of the people, in love, Moran and Vered did not care about anything. They were focused only on each other. Going to our destination we had the opportunity to do some very urban photos. Even then the couple did not look away from each other and showed much affection. Simple walk trough streets of London with them finished with really exciting shots.

Wedding photography Hyde Park

Finally, we went to London's most famous park, Hyde Park. The sun of that day really did not want to cooperate. However, for a short while, it showed up from behind the clouds and lent us its golden colour. The golden hour of the day was rather like a golden ten minutes. However, even that was enough for Moran and Vered, whose posing skills were beyond my imagination.

Thank you very much, Moran & Vered for choosing me for your wedding photographer Central London. I am still taking bookings for 2017 and already booking for 2018 so if you are looking for a wedding photographer London contact me to talk about details.

smiled couple posing in front of carusel in London

J&J - wedding photography Regents Park

When I was falling asleep on Friday I did not expect that the next day I would make one of the best wedding photography Regents Park in my life. About 1 am there came a message that changed my whole next day …

Wedding photography Regents Park

Johanna and Joel visited me in London flying from Virginia U.S, which I hope to visit soon. The wedding photoshoot in London promised to be amazing, the weather was fantastic, the couple looked fabulous and I was ready to follow them everywhere. Starting with the Center of London, Jo & Joel has gone from the first photo. Without stress, they showed the best in them. That is the feeling that connects them, love. A smile like from Hollywood production, and posing skills like models on the front pages of magazines. These two showed me something that is really rare. Walking around Southbank, I felt like I was photographing some famous people.

The upcoming golden hour signaled that we should move to Regents Park. Full of green space, filled with fragrant flowers and even a small lake, this is the perfect park for wedding photography in Regents Park. With the setting sun, the day was over, just like our wedding photography in London. I felt it was insufficient, despite fantastic pictures. I hope to visit Johanna & Joel someday in Virginia. Thanks, guys, it was a wonderful day.

I am still taking bookings for 2017 and already booking for 2018 so if you are looking for a wedding photographer London contact me to talk about details.

Engagement photography London

Cherie & Miguel - Engagement photography London

Engagement photography London

Planning a wedding is a very exhausting activity, therefore Cherie and Miguel decided to rest a few days together to charge their batteries. They chose London and contacted me to take some amazing engagement photography London that day.

Destination engagement photos

I forgot to add that this beautiful couple is planning to marry in Hong Kong, but to celebrate their big day they planned destination engagement photos in London. Already after the first email, I knew that I was dealing with a very loving couple. Cherie told me that she was once in London but that was a long time ago. So I decided that instead of taking them to one place, we would make a small trip to central London. Starting with Trafalgar Square going through Westminister and South Bank ending at St.Pauls cathedral. Cherie and Miguel were getting confident on this engagement photography London. Each and every location opened them more and more in front of my camera and they were posing naturally without my hints.

Hyde Park engagement photography

Our tour ended in Hyde Park where surrounded by greenery and beautiful view. I caught the last kiss of that day just before their flight to China. Amazing photo adventure which let me meet a fantastic couple of lovely people. Thank you, guys.

I am still taking bookings for 2017 and already booking for 2018 so if you are looking for a wedding photographer London contact me to talk about details.

groom kissing bride in Spain

Celia & Stu - Destination wedding photographer Spain

After an amazing wedding in Ciudad Real, Celia and Stu decided to have a post-wedding photo shoot. They chose a gorgeous setting located in Campo de Criptana which is the home of the legendary knight Don  Quixote.

Destination wedding photographer Spain

Upon arrival, we explored the beautiful and historical village with a stunning view of the horizon. As the sun descended in the sky we were able to capture some remarkable shots with surroundings of artistic murals and grand windmills. However what amazed me most was a view from the top of a stairway in the middle of Campo de Criptana. Our golden hour was approaching so we moved to our main stage, a hill-top full of old and elegant windmills. Celia and Stu impressed me with their ability to naturally pose and represent the feeling between them and blossoming new marriage. While I was observing them I could feel how comfortable they were in front of my camera. The photo shoot went so smoothly I did not have to give them any directions or cues. We had to conclude the shoot as clouds began to cover the beautiful Spanish sun. While departing and my destination wedding in Spain was coming to an end, I for one last shot. Celia spotted the sun had briefly reappeared creating a stunning scarlet sky. We took advantage of the sun and finished with one last silhouette portrait of the bride and groom.

I would love to be your destination wedding photographer London and tell your wedding story.Contact me as the best dates go quickly.

Talei & Alex - Engagement photoshoot Greenwich

Greenwich is definitely one of my most favorites part of London, and I am always superbly happy when I got a chance to do engagement photoshoot at Greenwich University campus . Talei and Alex are one of these couples which you can simply put in front of a camera and "let it go", they will do the rest. I can not mention such a great guy as Tom , who arrange this photoshoot, big thanks for inviting me to help.

Wedding Photographer Greenwich

But Greenwich University is not everything, enormous park just across the road with Royal Observatory Greenwich, The Flower Garden and not forgetting stunning view on Thames and Canary Wharf , I don't know why but I feel always bit awkward if I am not wearing a suit there...  Such a great day, I just can't wait till next season to take one of my couples for a sunset there.

2017 is coming with really fast, so if looking for a wedding photographer Surrey do not wait till last moment, best dates go quickly and I would be very happy to be part of your big day. If you got any questions do not hesitate and contact me so we can find out best package for you. Let me tell your wedding story as it is one of the greatest day in your whole life.

Inabelle & Jason - Engagement shoot Oxford

October is such a cold month, would not be so nice to get some sun and feel even for a little bit what amazing time is summer? Well thanks to my good friend Tom , who I as helping at this fantastic engagement shoot in Oxford , we can now feel bit of it. Inabelle and Jason are such fantastic couple with this energetic vibe around them, simply from the moment we meet them , we instantly "clicked" and got an amazing time during their wedding photoshoot in Oxford. Time spent at this pre-wedding photoshoot in Oxford went really fast but gives some great wedding photos which I am superbly proud of.  Soon on my wedding blog will appear their wedding in Oxford, but till that moment, enjoy!

Celia & Stu - Destination Wedding Photographer London

It is wonderful that photography can allow me to travel to different places and give me the opportunity to explore sights that I would normally be unable to experience. During the last weekend of September I departed for an adventure as destination wedding photographer London for the wedding of Celia and Stu. I could probably write a book about this fantastic couple but as a great example let’s take out first meeting; I went prepared with my wedding album portfolio, like I always do for consultations, and Stu invited me in and told me that lunch is on the table so let’s tuck in… I knew right then that they were different and special. A couple of months later I was on a plane to Madrid for a beautiful wedding in Spain. I stayed there for a couple of days and advised my wedding couple that we will use this time with the Mediterranean views and sun to do something more than simply wedding photography in Spain. After two hours I could put my bags down after our engagement photoshoot in Spain to enjoy the last of the fabulous sunset and the lovely Celia and Stu by a lake situated close to Ciudad Real, where the wedding would take place. Time passed so quickly and these two showed me what love looks like in photos. So please enjoy this ppre-wedding photoshoot Spain.

Yin & Rose - engagement shoot in London

Have you ever thought where you will propose for your partner? Yin had a romantic idea to travel from China with his girlfriend, take her on tour to Shaftesbury theatre for a surprise engagement in London. I was pretending to be just a random guy with a camera on the tour following them and taking sneaky engagement photos in London . Finally, time hit the moment when Yin and Rose were on stage , everything just froze, Yin turn on their favorite song and pop a question...and she said YES! Amazing experience which I never did before but have to say that being a wedding photographer in London gives me an opportunity to experience such things. After this miracle moment , we move to take some wedding portrait shots in central London. Going around all of those significant places like Trafalgar square, Hungerford Bridge and Golden Jubilee Bridges, London eye, Westminister, and taking their wedding portraits in Central London was a big fun. It is so great to know that couples can come from so far like Hong Kong and get close in so little time. Yin , Rose I wish you are amazing , I am waiting for your wedding in Hong Kong so I can be your wedding photographer in China.

Engagement shoot in London

I am taking bookings now for 2017 , so if you are looking for a wedding photographer in London  do not hesitate and contact me, best dates go quickly.

Sandra and Daniel - Wedding photoshoot London

Hello, there guys! I am sure that you do remember Sandra and Daniel from their last engagement shoot in London , a shy couple from Spain but magnificent smiles and superb personalities. This photoshoot was actually planned straight away after our first meeting , but as all of us know how the weather is in London we had to wait for a perfect day which could never come. So we decide to just do it, and I was sure that no matter how the day will look like , photos with Sandra and Daniel will be remarkable, and I could not be closer to that. We decide to pick Golders Hill park and "The Hill Garden and Pergola". A breathtaking piece of architecture, placed in north London next to Golders Green station , and now quick advice for whoever goes there by car, there is no place to park really near so be ready for some walking, but it is really worth it, and probably because of that place was completely empty. Unfortunately, we were a bit unlucky with the weather but I think this dark and cloudy sky contrast very well with a bright and happy couple like these two . After using every single bit of space of Pergola we move up to Golders Hill park which is separated by a small forest, and that was really lucky because finding such place in London is bit difficult. I was really jealous other photographers of that dark mood wedding photos with a lot of green trees around and single fern leaf, and finally, I got one !  I have to say that working again with Sandra and Daniel was not only a fun , but it is experience which I wish for all of the photographers, couple which trusts you and got such a grateful smile is a gift, gift which I am happy of so bad that I am hoping that was not our last wedding photoshoot in London. Thank you very much, Sandra and Daniel, you are the best!

I am taking bookings now for 2017 , so if you are looking for a wedding photographer in London  do not hesitate and contact me, best dates go quickly