One of the best parts being London wedding photographer is that you will not also meet a fantastic people but visit them in different locations. This time I went to help my friend Voyteck, on this fantastic DYI wedding in Cardiff. Corin and Simon had their whole day set up at one place, St. Catherine in Cardiff , stunning church and placed next to it a charming hall which with a bit of artistic invention can be your perfect wedding hall.

Wedding photographer Cardiff

Whole day was perfect, fantastic weather, bubbly atmosphere, beautiful bride , well-prepared reception and guests ready to rock that day.  As you know I am a big fan of that kind of outside weddings, there is so much more you can with open space then closed room, and if it is a sunny summer day then the sky’s is the limit. So please enjoy this wedding as I do.

2017 is coming with big steps, if you would like to hire me as your London wedding photographer do not wait till last moment, best dates go quickly and I would be very happy to be part of your big day. If you got any questions do not hesitate and contact me so we can find out best package for you. Let me tell your wedding story as it is one of the greatest day in your entire life.