About me 2019

Hi, Bart here!

Cold face wash and eggs with bacon for a breakfast do the all the job to wake me up and get ready for a day full of work. Let’s do not forget a large cup of freshly ground coffee, it helps to rock my day. While we are on a food topic, I’m a massive foodie. I cook for my wife nearly every day, maybe that’s how I won her heart. But don’t think I am spending my whole day in front of my computer. When the weather gets better I do love to go out for a walk or into a park and throw some frisbee with my wife. I just can’t wait until we get a dog to get even more active.

First thing when you see me, what you will notice apart of the marvellous beard are my tattoos. I was always interested in that form of expressing yourself. Currently, have one full sleeve done by an amazing artist from Poland, thanks, Pawel. For your notice, yes they do hurt like hell 😀 Combine that with a love to flower shirts and you will see me standing out from the crowd.

I chat like crazy…If we meet reserve for yourself a bit of time because I will ask you all about your wedding. And I think that what makes me stand out from many people, this kind of trust from the first hug for people. Thanks to that I was able to meet such fantastic couples from all around the world. Still waiting for one magical couple who will decide to have their wedding in Japan, I know you are there somewhere.

There are so many things I could tell you about myself but not many people probably even reach so far with reading my page, but I will be more than happy to tell you a story about me getting saxophone when we meet. See you soon!

Thats how amazing 2019 was!

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About me 2019

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